Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Mother's Day Flower Delivery with Blossoming Gifts

Close up of a perfect white rose
I love flowers, particularly in the winter. They can really lift the spirits and they remind me that spring is coming, even on the dullest winter's day. Receiving flowers is always a treat. Flowers are the ultimate extravagance and you have to be pretty determined to buy them for yourself, as there is always something more practical that needs to be purchased. Mother's Day is the perfect occasion for flowers, as it falls just as the spring flowers are starting to bloom and everyone is beginning to think about summer. 

Lucky for me, I didn’t have to wait until Mother’s Day this year, to receive a beautiful bouquet of brilliant blooms. The team at Blossoming Gifts were keen to show off their fantastic Mother’s Day flowers and I was very happy to help! Blossoming Gifts, as the name suggests, sell fantastic flowers as well as plants, hampers and chocolates and a fantastic range of personalised items and gifts for children. Prices start from just £9.99 and it's a great website for shopping for long-distance friends or relatives for any occasion. Anyhoo, back to my flowers... 

Blossoming Gifts bouquet in packaging
Very snug in their box.

The first thing that amazed me about the flowers is that they arrived… in the post! I’m probably totally out of the loop here, but I genuinely had no idea this could happen. I was totally thrilled with this turn of events, not least because I knew opening the box would unleash a wonderful fragrance of concentrated flower scent and it didn’t disappoint. The aroma of freshly cut roses was fabulous and really filled the air. 

Blossoming Gifts Fresh Flower Bouquet
Straight out of the box and they travelled pretty well!

I was so impressed with the condition the flowers arrived in and the care that had been taken to ensure their safe arrival. The flowers were tethered to the box securely with string and lavishly wrapped, so they looked beautiful as soon as the box was opened. On removing the wrapping, there was a layer of water soaked wadding that had done a brilliant job of keeping the flowers fresh. Another really happy touch was that they were already expertly arranged and trimmed, so there was no work to do. You could rearrange them, if you enjoy flower arranging, but if you’re a bit useless at it, like me, then they looked great just as they were. Thequality was excellent, even the roses were absolutely perfect,w ith not a blemish on them. 

Fresh flowers displayed in vase

The bouquet I received free, for the purposes of this review, is called Pink Perfection and is usually priced at £34.99, but is currently on special offer at just £19.99. If you are planning to send flowers for Mother's Day, even if it's to yourself, you've earned it, you can take advantage of this discount code; BGIFTS33 which will give you 33% off any bouquet, excluding the small Flowers by Post range. Happy shopping! 



  1. They look beautiful! I can't believe they were sent in the post. £19.99 is a brilliant price too- ideal to send your mum on Mothers Day

    1. I loved the colours and they lasted ages! I still have the... big pink ones now! I can't remember what they're called, they are like Gerberas, but smaller!

  2. You have been spoilt!! I might be a tad jealous. Love the colours in that bouquet x


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