Monday, 1 February 2016

10 Facts that Matter about Babies... and Lots that Don't!

Every parent has a vast amount of questions and doubts when they first bring that precious bundle of joy home. We all go through it, it's totally normal. Do you know what, though? If your baby is fed, clean and safe, you are doing great. Doesn't matter how you do it; doesn't matter if their socks don't match, or they favour sleeping back to front in a cardboard box under a leopard print towel, so long as they, and you, are happy. Here are my top ten baby priorities and some of the misconceptions that actually don't  matter a jot. The pictures are grainy because they are nearly ten years old. Thank goodness for better quality cameras these days!

Baby Happily sitting in Cardboard Box with Toys
Important: Baby is warm
Not Important: Baby is dressed in the latest fashions from Milan

Baby enjoying the joys of an empty cardboard box.
Important: Baby is happy.
Not Important: Baby is presentable, quiet and serene.

Baby and Dad both Fast Asleep in Separate Chairs
Important: Baby is sleeping.
Not Important: It's nighttime.

Baby Sitting in Basket Smiling
Important: Baby is comfortable.
Not Important: Baby is in expensive, ergonomically designed sleep space.

Baby fast asleep, with milk stains around face.
Important: Baby is fed.
Not Important: Baby is breastfed or fed Gucci bottles, endorsed by Kanye West. 

Baby Sitting on Floor Avidly Watching the Washing Machine
Important: Your amazing maternal instinct.
Not Important: Other people's opinions.

Newborn in car seat, wearing coordinating yellow outfit
Important: Changing Baby's nappy.
Not Important: Changing Baby's nappy after every fart.

Baby wearing Halloween Costume featuring Devil Horns
Important: Weaning Baby when it feels right.
Not Important: Being first to wean and instagramming a photo of Baby eating a Twix to prove it.

Baby Strapped into Wall Seat in Changing Room at Swimming Pool
Important: Taking photos of your baby.
Not Important: Hiring a Hollywood film crew to document every sneeze, poo and windy smile.

Baby Sleeping in Baby Chair
Important: Enjoying every moment with Baby.
Not Important: Wasting time worrying if you are doing it right.



  1. All great advice that should be shared with every new mum. Thanks for sharing x

  2. I love the pic of baby napping with Grandpa in the chair! It is so not important to sleep at night - sleep whenever!! The joys of being a baby (or a Grandpa!)

  3. Fantastic advice, especially that last one x

  4. I agree with all apart from the sleeping at night - the fact my babies didn't sleep at night nearly killed me!

  5. Great post, made me laugh and think of the time my friend was showing me photos of her baby and she'd taken photos of first poo!

  6. Ha, yes to all that - and lovely pics too - adorable!

  7. After a very long day this has made me smile and some even made me laugh out loud! So so true :)

  8. Love this post, very witty and funnily enough, true!

  9. Haha, loved this! Especially the Gucci bottles endorsed by Kanye!

  10. Cute pics and amen to all of these points - very funny! xx

  11. Wonderful advice and great pictures to support it. As long as babies and children are fed, happy, safe and warm they will be fine :0)

  12. Completely agree now that I've had kids but beforehand I would have been all for the colour co-ordination and the waste of money gadgets ;-)

  13. Totally true, wish I had read this when I had Emma, I did worry about pretty much everything those first few months!xx

  14. SO very true. There are so many things some parents worry about that really aren't important!

  15. All so true. I think we can get sucked into this perfect parenting malarkey but we are all perfect in our own way. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

  16. This is a great and truthful post! Thank you for linking up with

  17. Yes, so true! I was nodding along to this :)

  18. Yes, so true! I was nodding along to this :)

  19. I found myself agreeing to all of these. Fantastic post!


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