Wednesday, 24 January 2018

What to Pack for a Lapland Holiday

Skidoo on a snowy landscape with title overlaid. Now that Christmas has come and gone, our holiday to Lapland is fast approaching. As the rest of the country are despairing at the horrible British weather and planning, or hoping for, a trip somewhere hot and sunny, we are very much looking forward to 'real snow' and sleigh rides in Ruka, Finland. This does, however, pose a little problem; I have absolutely no idea what to pack. I've never been on a winter adventure holiday before, and I was lucky enough to win this one, so I'm not likely to go again. I need to know what to buy and, more importantly, what I won't need, so that I can save money and vital packing space for the trip and this was the question I posed to a group of previous Lapland adventurers.

I will admit, as the date nears, as well as obviously being really excited, and extremely grateful to Reima Go for the opportunity, I'm also very nervous. This will be my first time travelling abroad on my own, with just my son, and it's a very different environment to what either of us are used to. What if I forget something vital? What if I am not prepared for the cold, or other weather conditions? I have a lot of 'what ifs', but, fortunately, I found some other bloggers who have been already, and turned to them for some much needed advice.


I’ve never been to Lapland, but went to Iceland with a toddler. Make sure you have thermals for everyone, ski socks, walking boots, hats, big gloves with silk gloves for underneath, hand warmers, sheepskin insoles for boots, good sunglasses. Mel Knibb, from Le Coin de Mel

Boot Warmers

Boot warmers will help dry your boots out overnight if they're wet! Merino layers are a good idea too. Lauren, from Scrapbook Blog


When we went I ended up having to swap my snood with middle mans scarf. They are so much better as you are wearing so many layers anyway you don’t want the hassle of trying to tuck your scarf in somewhere. I would also take lip salve. If you can get a ski band that covers your ears they are great too. Not sure what you call them though. I always go for ski mittens rather than gloves as you can put hand warmers in them. Louise, from A Strong Coffee to Go

Reindeer around a feeding trough in Lapland

Camera Spares

Lots of memory cards and a spare battery for the camera so you can keep hold of all the wonderful memories. Victoria, from Starlight and Stories, which has also reminded me that I will need a travel adaptor for the chargers! 

Consider Hiring

I haven't been but planning a trip at the moment. We're DIY-ing it! Join the 'Lapland Holiday Chat' Facebook group. Most companies hire out ski wear, so you don't have to buy and there's also a 
'Lapland Buy, Sell and Swap' group on Facebook too. Catherine, from Rock and Roll Pussycat

Low Cost Options

Laura, from A Day in the Life of a Mum of 6 and Claire, from Life, Ninja Killer Cat and Everything Else both recommended Decathlon for low cost ski wear, and Aldi also stock good quality items at this time of year at great prices, although I've found the stock levels to be a bit frustrating. I also thought it might be worth trying second hand websites and charity shops, since they are often worn for a very short time. 

Finding out more about what we will need and checking out a bit more about the area, on the Ruka website, has really helped with my nerves. I think it's natural to be a bit anxious about a new adventure, but being as prepared as I can makes a big difference. Read more about how I came to win this amazing prize by following the link. 

Northern Lights over a Lapland forest

Arctic fox on a snowy landscape.



  1. Aww I love holidays in cold countries - I'd much prefer to pack thermals than bikinis! :)

  2. Thermals and boot warmers are an absolute must how amazing to be going to Lapland!!!

  3. Congrats on winning! I hope you have an amazing holiday :) Head down to your local Go Outdoors, they often have good sales on and stock really decent thermal wear. I spend a lot of time outdoors a fully recommend their vests. Primark do nice cheap long johns too! x

  4. Oh wow! What an opportunity to visit here. These are all great ideas and we wear most of them living in Sweden throughout the winter.

  5. What a great list and we've seen loads of people heading North this winter so we are very inspired to travel for next Christmas x

  6. Have an amazing holiday, we went in December and it was a magical experience.

  7. Oh wow what an adventure but it will be so much fun.

  8. I am bookmarking this. We're planning a lapland trip at the end of next year and I'm already so exciting. Great tips on what to pack. :) x

  9. I hope you have an amazing time! I was in Finland in February a few years ago, stayed in little log cabins on a reindeer farm - it was amazing! x


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