Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Plus Size Swimwear Inspiration

Selection of Plus Size costume ideas, with title text overlaidI've often wondered if plus-size is a state of mind. Not literally, of course, you can't deny what clothes size you are, unless you have a lot of free time and a good pair of scissors. However, the actual concept and subsequent stigma around clothing for the curvier lady is a different matter. I've started swimming recently, and before that I used to do Aquafit. During this time, I've seen a number of really lovely swimwear, containing, what would probably be described as, bigger ladies. Some of them much bigger, but they look great and have an air of confidence that made me wonder if perhaps it's time to stop worrying about what size we are, and start making the most of what we have. 

The right clothes can make a world of difference to the way someone feels inside. A good bra, the right lines and quality tailoring are all key to increasing confidence and self esteem in every day life, so why shouldn't the same apply to the swimming pool? Many of us are considering our fitness goals and possibly even summer holiday plans for the coming year, and with that often comes the worry about flabby bits and other perfectly normal human flaws. I don't see why that should be a barrier to what we want to achieve, or enjoy, so I've put together a collection of some of the best designed and most inspirational plus size swimwear for the fuller figure, to tackle the New Year's resolutions with confidence.

The swimwear equivalent of a good bra, is a costume with good support. If you have a substantial bust, the last thing you want is the worry of anything escaping in the pool, so something like this Marilyn Swimsuit, by Magisculpt is just right to keep everything where it should be. The higher neckline and subtly reinforced frontage will provide firm support, whilst looking stylish and natural.

Marilyn Swimsuit by Magisculpt in Navy Blue

Magisculpt also do a good line in support for other areas too, particularly the tummy region. Swimming is a great exercise for toning the abdominal region, but there has to be a point where you enter the water in the first place, and if you are self-conscious about this area, there could well be a catch 22 afoot, particularly if injury or illness rules out other more high-impact forms of exercise. This Lose Up to an Inch swimsuit promises to hold in your wobbly bits to make you look thinner and more sculpted. I haven't tried it, so I don't know how comfortable all this sculpting is, but it is certainly sure to give you a more defined silhouette. 

Lose Up to an Inch Swimsuit by Magisculpt

Skirted swimsuits are a great option for increasing confidence by covering more of the body, as well as disguising areas we are self conscious about. When I first started going to the pool, I felt practically naked in just a costume, it felt so unnatural. I would have loved something with a bit more fabric to help me feel a bit more confident in the early days, but I had no idea these existed! 

Collage of skirted swimsuits from Simply Be

If this isn't really your style, there are other options for a more covered-up approach to swimming. This Endurance Legsuit has a longer leg cut, so that you don't feel like you are walking out into the pool area in just your underwear. It's a much more natural design, in my opinion, I don't know why everyone doesn't wear them!

Or, you can go even further with this Abstract Kneesuit, which is an even longer cut. Once you've ventured into the pool a few times and got used to it, you realise that no one is paying any attention to you at all, and it doesn't seem like such a big deal anymore, but if it helps you make that first step to fitness, finding the right swimwear is definitely a good investment. 

Top three images courtesy of Simply Be and bottom two images from Simply Swim.

Inspirational plus size swimwear styles to increase confidence no matter what your body worries are.



  1. As a plus size lady myself, this post is super useful. I love the swimsuits with the skirts attached x

  2. I agree what you wear can make a huge difference as to how you feel. I love this swimsuits they are very flattering

  3. I know my sister who is a plus size lady refuses to go swimming because she feels self-conscious but perhaps one of these costumes might help her get back into the pool.

  4. I love a plus size lady who is super confident with her body that no matter what style of swimwear she wears, she can absolutely rock it!

  5. I definitely like the sound of a swimsuit that makes me look thinner, it may just I tide me to venture to the pool!

  6. Oh these all look great. My best friend is plus size and struggles with swimwear, I will forward this on!

  7. I love the swimsuits with skirts I use to have one and felt more confident and they are flattering at covering the tummy area that I like to hide.

  8. I need to check out Simply Swim because I am on my weight loss journey and had ruled out the swimming because of how unflattering swimming costumes are!

  9. I love that Navy costume as well as the ones with the little skirts. Some great options here!

    Ami xxx

  10. The swimwears look great. Love the navy blue one.

  11. I'll be looking up Magisculpt! Ruching is so useful, if it's done well.

  12. I have just bought myself a leg suit and it is surprisingly comfortable. Love the idea of a Lose Up to an Inch swimsuit too

  13. I love that top one, looks really flattering and nice colour


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