Saturday, 13 January 2018

Plus Size Beachwear Inspiration

I got brave last year and started going to my local swimming pool. This inspired my recent post Plus Size Swimwear Inspiration, where I talked about confidence-boosting swimwear, to assist those New Year's resolutions and get even the most self-conscious swimmer back in the water. The post, and subsequent comments, got me thinking; why shouldn't we take advantage of these cleverly designed advances in swimwear and extend it to the beach? Instead of the usual New Year's diets, this could be the year to embrace the body you have and unleash a new found confidence on the beach this summer.

One of the advantages of living in a country which does not boast the best weather is that it's perfectly acceptable to sit on the beach in baggy shorts and a t shirt. The problem is when you opt for a summer holiday abroad and suddenly there are visions of every other person wearing a bikini, or at least a swimming costume, while you sit there self consciously huddled in an oversized Man Utd top. But you would also be self conscious in traditional beachwear, so it's a catch 22. You might as well go for it, strip off some layers and feel the sun on your skin. Here are some examples of plus size women's swimwear designed for the beach, whatever your body concern. 

This Voluptuous Tankini, from Bespoke Fit, offers generous support for the bigger bust, whilst also covering up more of the midriff than a traditional bikini would. The tankini is a very flexible piece, and a real life saver for the self conscious. You can push it up to expose more of your body if you want to, for sunbathing purposes, but pull it down when you are standing up and walking around, leaving less of you on view! 

Voluptuous Tankini by Bespoke Fit in Black

If bikiniwear is completely new territory and seems a little scary, you could opt for something less fitted. This floaty tankini top offers a little more bottom coverage, skimming the area to create a flattering silhouette. Whatever your thoughts on your rear end, you can be kind to your behind with this pretty halter design from  Sunseeker. 

Floaty halter style tankini top, in Coral, by Sunseeker.

For an upper arm cover up, there are options such as a lose shirt or beach wrap, but if you are looking for a bikini with some upper arm detail, this off the shoulder ruched detail fits the bill. The Bardot Frill bikini, from Simply Yours, offers clever placement of a cascading frill which will subtly take care of a world of bingo wings. 

Bardot Frill Bikini, by Simply Yours

Particularly after having children, it's not unusual to have concerns in the wobbly tummy department but, I'm pleased to say, control briefs have come a long way since the Bridget Jones' Diary days. There are lots of much more stylish designs around now that will hold you in, without making it obvious that you are more at home in a pair of Bridget's classic big pants. This is my favourite design, by Magisculpt, I like the flattering black colour and the ruching distracts from the high-waisted style necessary to hold in those wobbles. 

Magisculpt control bikini briefs in black

Other examples of flattering bottom-wear include the skort, which is a brilliant piece of fashion design, leaving more to the imagination for the body conscious. This example from Simply Yours, is a really summery colour and could be paired with a different top, if required.  

Swimming skort in hot pink by Simply Yours

Alternatively, this Elomi Kissimee skirted brief provides a modern take on the classic cover up and is a less floaty style, for when you are not feeling especially frilly. I like the tie detail on this one, as well as the patterned fabric, which gives it a totally different look to the other styles I've mentioned. 

Eloki Kissimee Skirted Brief in Burnt Orange

For an even sleeker look, these Sport Racer Long Leg Shorts are a great option. They could be paired with a bikini top, to break up the sporty look a bit, or go the whole hog and pair them with something like this Endurance 10 Penny Tankini top for an all over sleek and sporty look. 

Sport Racer Long Leg Shorts and Endurance 10 Penny Tankini Top

Sports Tankini available from Simply Swim
Other swimwear featured from Simply Be



  1. I love the blank tankini. I've found it very difficult to find swimwear that I'm comfortable wearing since having children. I love some of these designs!

  2. I think swim wear is such a difficult thing to buy as its so important to feel comfortable! I love a tankini!

  3. Damn, I wish there was anywhere near as much consideration put into plus-size beach / swim wear for us beer belly carrying gents. If anything, our shorts are designed to much us look much worse. These are all beautiful. Lucky ladies!

  4. I have found Simply Swim to be fantastic for Plus size swimwear. Lots of choice and not just black over and over!

  5. These are beautiful and really flattering. I like the black one best

  6. Lovely, flattering choices. I like the look of the Sports Tankini from Simply Swim.

  7. I love the high waisted bikini, I might even brave that at the beach

  8. These are absolutely gorgeous and these women have beautiful bodies to match! I actually really love all of these!


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