Friday, 28 July 2017

Review of The Gorgeous Buddy Box from The Blurt Foundation

Contents of the June Buddy Box
I have bored everyone for quite a while with the devastion caused by the death of my best friend, but, as I mentioned in my previous post, a few good things came out of it too, not least the kindness of others. Many of my friends came through with all kinds of offers of help and support and it amazed me how thoughtful and understanding everyone was when I needed them most. Although, it shouldn't have done, because friends are amazing. One particular act of kindness made me smile so much, though, I've decided to give it a post of its own. Introducing the Buddy Box, from the mental health charity The Blurt Foundation. It's a hug in a box! 

The Buddy Box is a subscription box, with a very important difference. You don't have to sign up to a subscription, you can just buy a one off, as a gift. And that's what my daughter did for me, she ordered one to be delivered, in order to cheer me up when we got home from the funeral. It was such a lovely surprise, totally unexpected, but also full of some really thoughtful and considered items. Somebody had clearly spent a long time putting this box together and it was a far cry from some of the samples-and-sweets efforts I've seen before. 

June Buddy Box Package with Seafaring Design

The other very important difference with the Buddy Box is that it is produced by The Blurt Foundation, who are charity dedicated to helping those affected by depression. They have an amazing website, with lots of resources for those affected, presented in a beautiful, friendly, supportive way. It's everything you could want from a website to support your mental heath. You can support their amazing work through this donation link. As well as their great website, they also put together this fabulous gift box, which is designed to provide comfort and a smile to those who may need it, perhaps because they are struggling with ongoing depression, or perhaps, because they are just having a hard time right now.

Contents of June Buddy Box

Whatever the reason, this little box of joy is bound to give anyone a little lift. Each month's box has a theme, and the theme for my box, in June, was The Sea. Another feature I love about these boxes is the transparency. So confident are they that you will be satisfied with the value and quality of the products, each box comes with a list of everything included, with prices. Here is a breakdown of the contents of my box:

Be the Captain of Your Own Ship Patch RRP £5
Serenity Conscious Water RRP £1.50
How to Make Better Decisions Mapology Guide RRP £5
I Want to Be Calm: How to De-Stress RRP £7.99
'Sea Air' Yankee Candle (small) RRP £8.99
Issue 10: Blurt Zine

June 2017 Buddy Box Contents

This really is a lovely little box of happiness, that makes a perfect gift. If someone in your life needs a little lift, this would be an excellent choice and I am confident they would be thrilled. Or, as the items in each box are a surprise, you could even order one for yourself!

The Best Subscription Box for Bringing a Smile Where One is Needed


  1. Oh what a beautifully designed box!

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  8. What a gorgeous box. I really love the idea behind it and how carefully and thoughtfully chosen the items inside are. Genius idea!

  9. What a wonderful idea. This is such a thoughtful gift for somebody having a bit of a tough time. Sorry to hear the sad news of your friend, sending love and hugs xx

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