Saturday, 22 July 2017

Globenfeld Men's Rose Gold Automatic Watch Review

The face of a men's watch, on a bed of lavender.
We have reviewed a Globenfeld sports watch before and the husband was very pleased with it, so when I was offered this limited edition, rose gold automatic watch to review, I was thrilled. It looked beautiful in the picture and I was really looking forward to receiving it. I was not disappointed, it is truly stunning. I have never seen anything quite like it, as it doesn't have a battery, but also doesn't need winding. It works through a complicated network of 110 tiny moving parts, some of which can be seen through the windows, which give the watch its unique look and old-style charm. It's a real homage to traditional watch makers of old and has a great deal of appeal as a gift purchase, or treat for yourself.

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The Globenfeld Rose Gold Automatic Watch arrived perfectly packaged in the usual grey Globenfeld packaging. The box is suitably masculine in colour and design, whilst retaining an air of quality that makes it such an ideal gift. It is well protected for posting and arrived in immaculate condition. 

Globenfeld Men's Watch in Presentation Case

The strap is made from high grade leather, in Tobacco Brown and features a Centurion White Croxley Textured Dial. The polished round bevel contains 20 jewelled movements, indicating the quality and sophistication of the piece. The dial is a good size; not too big, but not too small for a male wrist either, and the strap is more than adequate for a larger man. I was enormously impressed with the build quality, this watch feels robust and well made, making it great value at the current reduced price of £79.99. 

Globenfeld Men's Watch on a sprig of lavender

An automatic watch works without the need for batteries and is sometimes called self-winding. This means the watch winds itself using a weight inside the watch that oscillates to put tension on the mainspring through the random motion of the watch wearer's arm. It's fascinating to watch and is a real talking point of this design. Even more interesting, you can actually observe the intricate movement through the glass back, providing hours of entertainment for the scientifically minded! 

The back of the Globenfeld watch, showing the movement inside.

What I love most about the watch is that it is clearly high quality and well made. This, coupled with the ommission of batteries and winding, means the watch should be able to be worn and enjoyed for a very long time. I feel this represents excellent value for money and it's definitely something I would consider buying as a gift in the future. 

Globenfeld Automatic Watch Review. A quality timepiece with an intricate movement and long lasting build



  1. Ooooh I do love rose gold but never thought of it for a men's watch it really does make it look ever so stylish! A gorgeous gift for the man in your life.

  2. I love the look of this watch. My other half would like it too. Like Talya said, I would never have thought of rose gold for a mans watch, but it really works. X

  3. This is a lovely looking watch. Never really thought rose gold would look good on a mans watch but it does

  4. This is so pretty! My husband would love something like this, I will have to check it out!

  5. I'd love a self winding watch, hate it when batteries run out :( Love the rose gold finish!

  6. The watch looks very beautiful. I like the design.

  7. I love the design of this watch - very smart

  8. This is such a lovely watch. My other half likes rose gold, so I think this would make a wonderful gift idea for him :)

    Louise x


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