Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Gtech Multi Review

Dusting a chandelier with Gtech MultiI have been curious about the Gtech Multi for some time. I have always wanted cordless handheld cleaners to work well, because they have such an array of potential uses. Everyone has that niggling housework job that would be made easier by having something pokier, or more maneouverable but, finding something with enough oomph to do the same job as a full size vacuum cleaner can be a struggle. I know I have had very little success in the past. They would either lose charge quickly, or have very limited 'suck' in the first place! It's been years since I've tried a new one, though, so I was keen to see what had changed and how I would get on with this new technology.

So I got a big parcel from Gtech and here it is! I do love a new gadget, but I had been especially looking forward to this one, as I was really curious about it. I had seen the adverts, promising superior performance and long run time and I had to know if it lived up to its name.

Gtech Multi Tools in Box

This Gtech Multi is the new edition, so, along with the standard crevice tool, dusting brush and power brush, you also get an amazing flexible crevice tool (the green one in the picture) a small upholstery tool and a soft dusting brush. All for the same price of £149. The main reasons for wanting one were simple. I have never found a vacuum that is any good at stairs. The hose is too short on my Dyson and previous handhelds just haven't picked up enough to be worth the effort. Also, I was hopeful it would do a good job on the car, as the Dyson, with its short hose, did struggle to get into the awkward corners. Both of these tasks required a considerable element of suck. So how did it do? The stair tool is exactly like using a standard vacuum cleaner, without having to drag the body of it along behind. It is equal in performance, but just a whole lot quicker. The best part is, if you struggle to lift your vacuum cleaner, this makes stair cleaning an absolute breeze. I really couldn't fault the end result, the power brush (pictured) is very thorough and well designed.

Gtech Multi Vacuuming Stairs

I'll be completely honest, I left the car cleaning test to The Husband. It's my least favourite job. My husband is not the easiest person to please. He doesn't like change and thinks whatever he is currently using or doing is definitely the best way. Every time. As much as he drives me totally round the bend, he is the perfect person to test anything, because moaning is pretty much his default setting. And... he absolutely loved it! Once you have learned that this device has power to rival a standard vacuum, you can really utilise its potential. I had no idea what a massive advantage a cordless handheld that thinks it's an upright, would be for a car. You can put it down, without having to worry about finding something to stand it on! The bendy tool is flat enough to get right under the seats! And, best of all, you don't have to leave the front door open and sort out an extension lead for it. When I finally got it back, I discovered even more uses for it. As it's so light, I can use it for cobwebs and the dusting tool is great for the top of picture frames and curtain poles. It's so much more efficient to suck up dust, instead of moving it around! I hope you have found my review helpful, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. 

We were sent the product free, in return for our honest thoughts.

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