Monday, 4 April 2016

The Run In. A Football Guest Post by Phil

As the football season draws to a close, fans are starting to get nervous about their teams. Will they make the top 4 and get into Europe? Will they escape relegation? Either way it's going to be close and the burning question that the whole footballing nation wants to know is; can anyone catch Leicester City and how many doughnuts will be in it if they do? Leicester have made a lot of friends this season and gained a lot of admiration, rightly so I believe. They don't have a team of global superstars, yet they work their socks off and have produced some stunning results. 

Who knows what's behind their success. Perhaps it has been the slap up meals Claudio Ranieri has taken them for whenever they have won a game. Perhaps the thought of Gary Lineker presenting Match of The Day in just his underpants has spurred them on. Either way it's riveting following their progress.

Black and white photo of a man, seated, catching a football

I have also been harbouring a very comical thought for a few months now. If Leicester do qualify for the Champions League. Imagine the effect it will have on the rest of Europe? The confusion in the dressing rooms of the heavyweights like Bayern Munich, Juventus and Real Madrid would be huge. They have probably never heard of them and would have to invest in a pretty good sat nav as well as learning how to pronounce it! Like many fans, I do follow a few teams throughout the season. My first love is Man United and that will never change, but I do also follow Swindon Town as that was my Dad's team. At the same time I want Hull City to win promotion back to the Premier League as their boss is Steve Bruce, a Man United legend. However as many fans know, you sometimes have to cheer teams on that you are not particularly fond of, if your own team needs the right result.

Leicester have also been breaking records. Everyone in football now knows who Jamie Vardy is and when they scored the winner against Norwich City. The stadium erupted to the point it actually registered as a mini earthquake on the Richter Scale. Hilarious. I don't think many teams could boast fans with that much dedication and enthusiasm! The reason I am writing this, though, is to tell you how fab my Now TV box is and it's thanks to them I will be following the run in, which looks like going the distance. I must admit I am a bit of a telly addict so will also be ploughing through the box sets, but that's a post for another day. I do find though the monthly passes are a great idea. So much simpler than other providers. Whatever your sport, you don't have to pay for the whole year if you don't want to, you can just buy one for the best bits. Football cup ties, The Ryder Cup, whatever flies your flag and there's no contract, so, if your team is useless and you want to sulk and not watch any sport for a while, that's ok too. Anyway, gotta go. Man Utd are just about to kick off against Everton.
Happy viewing everyone and good luck ! 

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