Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Wicked Uncle Toy Review

Since having a boy, it has come to my attention that buying gifts for boys is a whole different ball game. When Jade was growing up, party gifts were a doddle; pretty, cute or sparkly was generally considered acceptable and there was a wealth of different categories to pick from. Hair and beauty, cuddly toys, Jewellery, to name a few. Boys, however, appear to be different. All of the afore mentioned categories are not appropriate, due to their 'girliness' and what's currently popular seems to be far more important. For example; at L's school, last year was all about Minecraft, this year, it's Rubik's cubes.

I wonder how many other parents and relatives face this issue? These days, uncles, aunts and grandparents can live a good distance away from their little relatives, but still want to let them know they are thinking of them when a special day comes around. This must make it even harder to keep up with what their little ones are currently interested in, because we all know the point of buying a gift is that it will be played with and enjoyed. Fortunately, Wicked Uncle have the answer. As the name suggests, they provide brilliant gifts that nieces and nephews would love to receive, and this can obviously be applied to other little friends or relatives too. The way it works, is that you select the age and gender of the child and are presented with a selection of appropriate fun gifts to choose from. There are also a wide variety of categories to choose from as well, including my favourites; Adventurer, Braniac and Snuggly! So, even if your gift-recipient isn't typical for their age or gender, you can still tailor the gift specifically to them. It takes all the guesswork and time out of choosing a gift, but leaves in all the fun!

Wicked Uncle sent us a gift code to use on the site, so that we could try it out and let you know what we thought. So, here's what we bought. L has always wanted a fishtank, but we don't really have room, so I thought this fish bowl would be ideal. It's small, but fascinating. When you switch it on, the fish move around in a really realistic way and it's quite soothing, a bit like a lava lamp! Perfect for the child who has everything!

I chose this nightlight, because it's hilarious! it looks like a balloon dog and feels squishy. You turn it on and off by pressing his back paw. There are a host of different reasons children would love this gift, so I think it's a great choice for a present. We also got the Stickbot Studio, which is a great way to make stop motion movies, as the stick figures stay put when you position them, making the whole process much easier for children. I don't have a photo at the moment, because I asked L to put his toys away yesterday and, uncharacteristically, he did, so now I can't find it! I will update once I find out where he put it. Below is a video of what L thought of his haul when it arrived.

Everything arrived quickly and very well packaged. Delivery is £2.95, regardless of size or weight and there is also an express delivery service, if you need something to arrive the next working day (no one need know you forgot!). I was really impressed with the whole process and can see how it would make buying for young relatives so much quicker and easier. L loved his gifts, proving that the 'gifts for 10 year olds' category was spot on!

We were gifted the items, in order to provide an honest review of the products and service.


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