Friday, 4 March 2016

Toilet Roll Crafts with Nouvelle

Boy Holding Butterfly Toilet Roll Creations
If you are very eagle-eyed, you may have spotted some of our craft efforts involving toilet rolls on Twitter and Pinterest. We love a good reuse and recycle craft project and have been working with Nouvelle over the last few months to create some really fun makes. I had no idea toilet rolls could be so versatile! The @nouvellesoft  #LittleAcorns project has almost come to an end, though, and I thought it would be nice to put all our projects together in one place, for those who don't follow on Social Media. If you would like to have a go at any of the projects, I have included the craft sheets as well. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter, where there are lots of other examples of finished projects, to give you some more ideas.

Toilet Roll Snake Creation on Grass
Mr Snake, enjoying the sunshine!

Our most recent project was this really clever toilet roll snake. It was really fun cutting the spiral to make the wiggly effect. You could also make a worm, or anything else slithery, using the same method.

Instructions to Make a Toilet Roll Snake from Nouvelle
Snake craft sheet

Last month, we made superhero cuffs, which gave lots of opportunity to stretch our imaginations and come up with our own designs. Here is L modelling his creations.

Boy wearing Arm Cuffs made from Toilet Roll Tubes
Mismatched heroes rule!

Instructions to Make Super Hero Cuffs with Toilet Roll Tubes
Hero Cuff Craft Sheet

At Christmas we received our biggest challenge; Father Christmas disappearing down a chimney! We only needed to show his feet, but, I did find postitioning the feet and present sack a bit tricky. The end result looked great though, and made a lovely Christmas decoration. 

Santa in Chimney Toilet Roll Craft
When Santa got stuck up the chimney...

Instructions to Make Santa in Chimney with Toilet Roll
Santa craft sheet

For Halloween, we made creepy spiders. It's always a bonus to find easy and imaginative Halloween crafts and these were very straightforward, even for me! You could actually make these at any time of year if you wanted, Spiders aren't just creepy at Halloween! 

Toilet Roll Spider Craft
This spider can stay, he's not too scary!

Spider Toilet Roll Craft Sheet
Spider craft sheet

The octopus craft was very clever and one to remember if you ever need to make an octopus or squid. You could use wool or pipe cleaners for the tentacles, but we used ribbons, to make them a bit wider. 

Boy with Squid Toilet Roll Craft

Octopus Toilet Roll Craft Sheet
Octopus craft sheet

Our first task is still my favourite. It seems like a long time ago now and L even looks quite a bit younger! We made butterflies, using pipe cleaners and painted card and the results were pretty good! 

Butterfly Toilet Roll Craft
These things had butter fly! 

Butterfly Toilet Roll Craft Sheet
Butterfly craft sheet

Nouvelle have always had a strong commitment to the enviroment. Their products are recycled and they are part of a group of companies who work hard to reduce their environmental impact during the manufacturing process. They also work with schools to plant more trees and use their twitter and instagram feeds to come up with different ideas for recycling their rolls. We've really enjoyed being part of this project and hope we've provided some inspiration for your empties too!  

Noucelle Little Acorns Badge


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