Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Creating a Bedroom for a Nine Year Old Boy on a Budget

Boy on Midsleeper Bed, Laughing, Title Overlaid We've been planning L's room move for some time now. Recently, The Husband had some time off, so we thought we had better go for it. As this was a low budget venture, it was going to take a lot of time and consideration to get it right. We didn't want to spend a lot, because L is at an indecisive age and it probably won't be long before he has set his heart on a whole different colour scheme. Like black, or something. So we endeavoured to create the ideal boys boudoir for under £100. Here's how we got on, including the tricky task of moving his precious sticker collection from his old bedroom wall to the new one!

Ikea Kullen Five Drawer Bedroom Unit
The first rule of interior decorating on a budget is to make the most of what you have. As he had been sharing with his sister and they had shared a pretty big room, we managed to share out the furniture between the two, which meant we could just buy a couple of key items. The internet is so useful in this situation, as  I could browse, armed with the measurements, and find exactly the right item at the right price. Not necessarily the cheapest, but the one that fitted best for the money. It turned out Ikea was the place to get the drawers, they were cheaper than anywhere else (£39) and the quality was great. Really tricky to put together, but very solid once assembled. 

Stickers on laminated sheetWe also bought a little bookcase from Argos and some essential blue curtains, to replace the pink ones. Happily they turned out to be half price when I got to the checkout! Because L had never had a room of his own, it wasn't clear how he would take to the idea and we really wanted him to feel that it was his personal space, so the last two items I bought was a fluffy rug from Poundstretcher and a globe lightshade from B&Q, which was just £3! The Spiderman wall decals I've been saving, after buying them in a sale about two years ago, and it's nice to see them finally being put to use. In the shared room, L had a whole wall covered in stickers, but I wanted to try to do something a bit tidier this time! He was quite fond of his stickers though, so I carefully removed his favourites, and arranged them on some coloured paper. I then laminated the paper to make a unique poster, where the edges will never curl up or tear!

The best investment we made, though, was his NowTV box. This was something he had specifically asked for, as we have one in our room and L and I have regular movie nights in there! I was so pleased to discover that you pay the same subscription, regardless how many boxes you have, that I got one for Jade too! There are lots of packages to choose from, starting from £6.99. L likes the movie package, but I am getting quite fond of the entertainment one, as I have no patience to wait for the next episode, and there are loads of box sets on there. I've finally started watching Broadchurch and it's pretty good! The box is normally £25 but, over Black Friday weekend, they are down to £15 each, so it's a good time to invest in one. The whole room cost £92.50, including the NowTV box and you can see the before and after pictures below. It is very hard to get a really good picture, because it's quite a small space, but the best news is, he was absolutely thrilled with it. He moved in that day and never looked back. Boys are so fickle!

Child's Bedroom Makeover Before and After
Before and After


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