Friday, 13 November 2015

Well Fitted Bras Galore!

"A friend is like a good bra: hard to find, comfortable, supportive and never leaves you hanging."

ImageI'm a bit obsessed with well-fitting bras. There is just nothing worse than a badly fitting bra and after having children, it becomes even more important to get the right fit. When you have children, not only can your boobage fluctuate in size quite significantly, due to hormone changes, weight gain, etc, but also comfort becomes a really big deal. You may find yourself having to attempt running, when your toddler makes a break for freedom in the supermarket.

Then there's all the standing around that parenting seems to entail; waiting in the school playground, decorating the sidelines at various sporting events, the queues for everything vital to teenagers, the list goes on. Bras are a lot like shoes; in your teens and possibly twenties, comfort is happily sacrificed for fashion and vanity, but eventually, circumstances dictate that the support you receive and the fit of the item should be more of a priority. 

Once you have experienced a well fitted bra, you will never be tempted by a budget version again. The strength of the fabric, the quality of the workmanship and the dimensions of the garment all contribute to the overall fit and these are aspects that are quite often missing from the cheaper options. A good fit will ensure that the bra will not move around, will not pinch or dig in, and definitely won't leave you with the oh-so-attractive Four Breasted Woman effect. No one wants to be that person, the one with just a little too much overspill. Anyway, hideous visual imagery aside, it's good to know that these days, you don't even have to go to a specialist to have confidence in the fit of your bra. Bras Galore have a really useful and easy to follow calculator, enabling you to be sure of the correct fit from the comfort of your own home. 

With the Freya range, comfort does not have to mean sacrificing style. There are some fantastic examples of stylish, delicate lingerie that even caters for the bigger busted lady. The bra sizes go all the way up to a 38K! There is lots of choice and some of my favourites are pictured below. Whether you want something sleek for under a tshirt or a bright pattern to lift your mood, there's something for everyone in a host of accurate sizes. 

Ladies in Bras

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  1. you'd be surprised by how many ppl not only not wear a well fitted bra, but they are wearing the wrong size.
    I like M&S for fitting, I don't buy there, but I go to a local factory shop, which sells M&S bras for half the price.
    I just wish more sites who advertise they cater for larger sizes wouldn't just have big cup size, but also big band size!


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