Thursday, 3 September 2015

Wash Day Blues

I do like a challenge, that much is true,
So, as soon as the washing cycle is through
I rush out to the garden with hope in my eyes,
And only once do I pause to look up at the skies.

There's a certain injustice, as I try to be green,
Save money and energy, whilst keeping things clean,
But it could rain for a day, or perhaps just an hour,
there's no way of knowing when's the next shower.

I save up my washing, build it up high,  
And I get the machine on, as soon as it's dry, 
I wait feeling hopeful, until the cycle has finished, 
But, as I open the door, hope has already diminished.

I begin at one end of the line with the socks,
But, by the time I am done, shock of all shocks,
The sun was beating down, not a cloud in the sky,
Now a cloud has appeared and it’s starting to cry!

So am I, as it happens, I’ve had it with rain,
The stupid weather has caught me out again,
I tried to outwit it, rushed out there quick,
But I’m sure that it knows and is taking the mick!

Here I am thinking, something has to be done,
This is not a country often blessed with the sun,
I fear I'll go mad with the threat of more rain,
Another winter like last and I will go insane!

How about flying to a place far away? 
Where the sun is a visitor almost everyday, 
Take the clothes in a suitcase, let them dry while I'm there, 
And I'll be back when they're dry, or when I no longer care!

Many washing lines, criss-crossing a small lgarden

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  1. This is what I hate about doing the washing, just as I've managed to hang it out it rains! That and when the weather is poor my flat looks like Widow Twanky's!

  2. Great poem Lucy! I am hating all the rain we've been having, it makes me feel so gloomy and miserable ;/

  3. I hate washing! the weather this year has been so crappy that I haven't even caught up on the washing in the summer. We have no heating in our house so takes 2 whole days to dry one load and three children create a lot of washing!

  4. This is brilliant Lucy, you really do have a way with words :) Perfectly formed. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

  5. This made me laugh out loud. I often play the washing hokey cokey

  6. I love it! But not the wet washing of course!

  7. A great poem and very identifiable! #prose4t

  8. Love that poem! I have to admit, I've been rubbish at hanging the washing out this summer but part of it is not my fault. The husband took the line down while he was doing building work and I didn't nag him to put it back, I just used the dryer!

  9. Haha brilliant, sounds exactly like me. My washing lines look a lot like that after the holidays.

  10. Hee hee, that made me chuckle. I had to put the blooming central heating on in-between our holidays because of the rain. It was so blooming hot but the only way I could dry everything


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