Sunday, 9 August 2015

My Sunday Photo; Celebrating with Cake!

Boys and Birthday Cake

Myself and fellow blogger Lucy from London Bird Lucy were celebrating this week, after our Domain Authority scores went up. For non-bloggers, it's a measurement of how well our blogs are doing, so an increase is always warmly welcomed! I love this photo, not just because it has cake in it, although that is a factor. It's the row of small boys and their completely different reactions to the realisation that I just set fire to their cake! They range from unbridled glee, through sensible trepidation, right the way to 'I have an iPad and I do not care, until I am eating it!'. Children are awesome!

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About JollyJilly said...

congrats on your scores going up and love the picture

Lucy Zelazowski said...

It's was lovely to see you and your fabulous family, the cake was so tasty.
Lol we're in the photo too 😘

Kim Carberry said...

hahaha! Their faces are just brilliant! Hope you all enjoyed the cake x

OneDad3Girls said...

Ummmm cake, hope it was yummy

Thank you for linking up

Kelly Lawton said...

I love Lukes face, your so right he does look so similar to Jake!

Anonymous said...

Aww love their expressions! #MySundayPhoto

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