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Sunday, 9 August 2015

My Wonderland Photo; A Magical Glow

Today I heard about The Wonderland Link-Up, which is a lovely idea to show off photos that have an air of magic about them, in the spirit of Alice in Wonderland. I took this photo as part of a shoot I did for my husband as the area as special significance to him, as it's the location for the TV show, Midsomer Murders. You can read more about that later, but this particular photo has such a fabulous glow from the sun, I thought it really fitted the bill. So here it is, my wonderland photo. Join in with the link-up over at Fawns and Fables and feel free to check out more of our fun photography here!

Siblings Sitting on Wall

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  1. Great photo Lucy, the light looks really magical, as if there could be fairies about! Thanks so much for linking up to #TheWonderlandLinkup hope to see you again next week :) x

  2. That really is a beautiful, magical looking, photo.


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