Saturday, 29 August 2015

Bristol Bits: A Mobile Manicure with Teacups and Beauty

Tea Cups and Beauty Nails
I recently had a Bio Sculpture Overlay manicure, by a lovely lady called Emma, from Teacups and Beauty. This treatment is a gel that is applied to the nails and is really strong. I do a lot of cleaning, so I was interested to see how it would fair. It should last up to 21 days, which is pretty impressive, as I've never had a standard polish last more than a day with my lifestyle! I have included two photos, one taken just after my nails were done, and another three days later, after cleaning two bathrooms, a kitchen several times and all those other household jobs that often require chemicals, along with the endless typing that comes with having a blog!

I have been really impressed that they have survived a fairly standard lifestyle. It makes them much better value for money. Although, to start with, I was checking them every five minutes, to see if they were still okay, I am now completely confident they can withstand an awful lot of normal life. It's such a revelation, since I don't have the time, or patience, to keep reapplying nail varnish. If you get bored with the colour, you can paint standard nail varnish over the top, but I'm happy just to know they are tidy!

Tea Cups and Beauty Nail Comparison
Glamourous nails

The best bit about Teacups and Beauty, is that they come to you and bring everything with them. She even had a table if I'd needed it and there were goody bags. Even my daughter was given one, as she couldn't have a nails done, as she works in hospitality! Emma was really friendly, incredibly patient and was happy to talk me through the process, as I'd never had any sort of manicure before. She happily repaired my little finger nail, which had decided to break half an hour before her arrival, and, when I found the colour was a bit lighter than I'd anticipated, she did another coat of a darker colour for me! The procedure involved painting on individual layers then drying them under an ultra violet lamp, before applying the next one. This was great, because they were completely dry straight away, so I didn't have to worry about smudging. The service was brilliant and I would highly recommend it, if you are looking to invest in a long lasting manicure that you won't have to worry about, everytime you attempt your normal activities! You can check out the website, for details of areas covered, or like the Teacups and Beauty Facebook Page.

Beauty Goody Bag Contents
Goodybag contents


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  1. There are some great mobile beauty companies out there. Looks like you found a great one Lucy. You nails look fab


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