Tuesday, 30 June 2015

It's a Blogger Thing; Five Unique Bloggerisms!

Milkshake with title overlaidBloggers will photograph anything. A lamppost, a streetsign, a really ugly fleece on a stranger (from behind, obviously). Bloggers have even occasionally been spotted staking out the sausages in the local supermarket. Nothing is off limits, because who knows when you will need a colourful picture of a milkshake or a man's hat. Many a perfect post has been ruined for the lack of an ideal photo, and it is also secretly kind of fun. Along with some of the crazy photographs I've collected over the years, I've also listed some other strange things that are perfectly normal, if you're a blogger.

Weird things I've photographed 'just in case':

Fire extinguisher, grass hopper, beer

A fire extinguisher, a random grass hopper on my desk and some beer

Getting Arty with Food

The best way to spot a blogger is to look for the only person in a restaurant armed with a camera. Not in a nice, sociable, 'lovely meal with friends' instagram way, oh no. The more you blog, the more you feel compelled to photograph EVERYTHING you eat. Whether for reviewing restaurants, documenting your diet, or just showing off about getting a bit spoiled, it's all in the album somewhere. No self-respecting blogger ever just takes a photo of food, either. Each shot has to be carefully constructed, with all the plate sliding, vegetable piling and cutlery arranging that this entails. We don't even know we're doing it half the time!

I've got hundreds of pics like this....

Pictures of Food

Anti-Social Evenings

For most bloggers, it's more than a hobby. For some, it's a livelihood, and for most others it's an outlet for expression and, occasionally, self-deprication. Resulting in spending far too long perfecting posts and faffing with photos. This means evenings are often spent locked in a bubble of silent muttering and furious typing, probably wearing headphones, if you have a husband who likes to shout at the telly fairly randomly. Mine is doing that now, actually, and this is me...

Woman wearing Headphones
Headphones are a must!

Really Random Post

If you are a blogger, it pays to get to know your postman. Mine is very good and always tries to find somewhere to put any parcels if I'm not home. It's also hard not to get to know your postman, as you can get quite a few random parcels in the name of blogging. I often wonder what my postie must think I do, as I've never told him I'm a blogger. Maybe he just thinks I have a really crazy shopping habit! Nothing gets opened, of course, before it's been photographed. 

Some of my recent bloggy post...

Teatulia, Pukka Tea and Migrastick

Tea, more tea, and a Migrastick for headaches, which is especially useful for those REALLY tricky blogposts that end up talking half the night! It's available from Boots, Holland and Barrett and selected independent pharmacies and health stores nationwide. 

Tweeting or Instagramming Crazy (and not so crazy) Adventures

Whether it's baking something new, going on a trip, or simply buying a new top, all events must be publically documented. Often. This is not just because we love the interaction, which we totally do, it is also to prove we are still blogging. We like people to know that, as it's always nice to think that someone out there reads our stuff. Then we get carried away, tweeting our lunch, a bus ride, angry ramblings about customer service, whatever springs to mind. All under the thinly-veiled guise of 'Blog Promotion', because, the fact is, we just really love writing! 

Louie Spence, Lady on Ferry, Family in Restaurant

Adventures of a Novice Mum


  1. love this. I have a photo of a party parsnip and one of a grab rail in a disabed loo.

  2. Oh yes, I do all of these!! I'm sat here now on the laptop ignoring my husband while he watches yet another episode of sons of anarchy....I don't remember the last time I sat down next to him lol!

  3. Very funny :) I am surgically attached to my camera. I take thousands of pics and it's so addictive. Everything is blog fodder.


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