Monday, 8 June 2015

An Easy Salmon Recipe for the Barbecue

Cooked Salmon with title overlaid
My family love barbecues. Perhaps a little too much. I think they would have barbecues for breakfast if I let them! I don't mind them and enjoy being outdoors and the social aspect, but I find burgers and sausages get a bit samey after a while. So, when I found a half side of salmon reduced to £1.50 in the bargain bin at the supermarket yesterday, I decided that had to be the answer to my barbecue boredom. But what to do with it... Inspiration came in the form of another bargain buy, a bag of limes for 9p! Here's how to make a delicious salmon dish to add some interest to your usual barbecue meals. 

Salmon Fillet in Packet
Bargain salmon

Bag of Limes
Mega-cheap limes

I was very brave, for me anyway, and invented my own recipe, based on just these two ingredients and it was absolutely delicious! The half side was enough to feed three people, Here's how I did it.

Uncooked Salomn Fillet with Lime Slices
Limes arranged on salmon fillet

Firstly I placed the salmon on a large piece of tin foil and arranged slices of lime along the top. Then, I wrapped it really well in the tin foil and placed on the barbecue for twenty minutes.

Foil Wrapped Salmon
Foil wrapped tightly

That is literally all there is to it! Unwrap, as soon as it's cool enough and serve with a baked potato. The fish literally falls apart and is amazingly moist, with a delicious, subtle limey flavour.

Cooked Salmon and Limes
Cooked to perfection

You can barbecue your spuds, too. Microwave them for a few minutes first, as they do take a long time to cook otherwise. Then, wrap them in A LOT of tin foil, as they tend to unwrap themselves a bit, and place them directly in the charcoal soon after lighting the barbecue. They should take about an hour to cook unless they are really huge, then it could be a bit longer. They will take on a unique smoky flavour. I served mine with a spicy chicken couscous and some coleslaw. It made a lovely change from traditional barbecue food.

Baked Salmon Dish
The finished dish

For more easy recipes for busy families click the link!



  1. Oooh never thought of baking salmon with lime, I always use lemon, will definitely try this!

  2. I always feel like I miss out at BBQ's because i'm not a big meat fan. However, I have never thought of cooking salmon on a bbq and you make it look so easy. I am going to have to give this a try :)

  3. It's all about confidence I suppose, and when you get a bargain at Tesco you can go for it


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