Monday, 14 October 2013

Ode to Someone Special

White Roses Just because I wasn't there,
It doesn't mean I didn't care.
In thought, in memory, every day,
As if you never went away.

I may have seemed distracted some,
A worker, friend, a person, mum,
With lots to do, deadlines meeting,
 Our precious moments, all so fleeting.

But in my heart, I carried deep,
A thought of you I'd always keep,
A smile, a look, something you'd said,
A beautiful picture inside my head.

I'd think of you constantly every day,
And always wonder, what would you say?
I'd bring up my children with values we'd shared,
And always remind them how much you cared.

There's never the time, life is too short,
To do all the things we know we ought,
But I keep you safe in my heart still,
I always have and I always will.

Prose for Thought


Daniella said...

Lovely poem.

Emmysmummy said...

Just beautiful

Lucy Dorrington said...

Thank you, Daniella. xx

Lucy Dorrington said...

Thank you. :-) x

workitmamma said...

Lovely, moments and memories do last even if the making of them is fleeting. xx

Bookish Mummy said...

This is such a wonderful poem. I particularly love the final verse - beautiful

theuncheshirewife said...

Ah that's lovely, I can relate to your words.

Sara Murray said...

This is beautiful, you've conveyed so much thought and emotion. I particularly like the final verse x #prose4t

Lisa1970 said...

Great writing; a lovely poem :) #prose4t

Victoria Welton said...

This is so very beautiful. I am sure I have read it before - it is still just as stunning. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

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