Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Kids Capture the Colour

My son is 7 and has recently decided his whole world needs documenting one way or another. He's either drawing, videoing or taking pictures, so, when we heard about Kids Capture the Colour with Travel Supermarket we had to give it a go! So, here are my son's best efforts at capturing colour, as only a seven year old boy can!

Although not entirely white, the spots on this caterpillar's back were the first thing he noticed about it and the reason he was keen to take the photo!

Stretching the boundaries of 'travel' somewhat, this is our Red entry. L constantly takes photos of mini worlds that he's created and tiny trains are a big part of his life. Our red carpet has provided many a backdrop for a station or city!

L loves his family and we thought this was the perfect entry for Yellow. A sunny, happy picture he took of his nan. Not really travelling, but she had just arrived by train!

Well, he is a boy, so his entry would not be complete without some Lego. For some reason all Lego creations must be preserved for posterity! L has recently discovered stop-motion and this is a still from a Lego film he made. This one is filed under Green! 

The sky is a fascinating place when you're seven. Planes, balloons, kites, and, of course clouds, which are DEFINITELY travelling! This sky is un-britishly blue so it's our Blue entry!

So, it's goodbye from us, and we wish every little photographer good luck in the competition! 



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