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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

My Unusual Shed Design

This is a bit of a nostalgia post, as we have had our shed for a while now. But, every now and then, I like to applaud The Husband's stoic ingenuity, often in the face of financial adversity. This somewhat psychedelic monument celebrates The Husband's dedication to some of my more bonkers design ideas and has so far gone largely unsung. So,today, I give you... Our Garden Shed!

Flowery Shed

It all began innocently enough. We had an ordinary brown shed, and had been putting off giving it a coat of woodstain for a number of years. Every year, we would say; 'We really ought to get on with staining that shed, you know, it's not going to last forever!' but then we wouldn't. Eventually, it dawned on me. I realised, in a flash of inspiration, why we couldn't motivate ourselves to stain the shed. Simple, really; it was boring. Brown, samey, dull. Yawn. So, I mentioned to The Husband that perhaps we should consider painting it a colour. That was when it all went a bit crazy. You see, The Husband did something that was either really bold, or really, really stupid. He uttered those words every woman longs to hear. You... pick... the... colours! So I did. He may have instantly regretted it, but he dutifully set to work all the same.

Man Painting Shed Pink

You see, what I had in mind, was to take advantage of the shed's built in stripes to create a really pretty beach hut look. Tasteful, yet unique. It was mesmerising watching the beach hut take shape. Every stripe painstakingly cut in, using an age-old mixture of patience and perplexity, it was a sight to behold. Eventually, stage one was complete.

Pastel Striped Shed

The Husband, however, decided this look was far too average for our garden, so he shimmied up the ladder to the loft and came down again, clutching an old wall light. Helpfully in the shape of a flower, this old light held the key to really making this shed our own. Several carefully drawn-round shapes later, the final phase was under way. I really like this colour blue, I was glad we found something to use it for!

Man Painting Shed

As you can see, it was a very hot day and I was pretty impressed with the grim determination with which The Husband carried on with his project. I actually had no idea he was this talented at painting. I fear he may soon regret revealing this new skill. This is the bike shed he recently finished building and I've already got my thinking cap on! 



  1. It's so brilliant Lucy! Well done Phil I am very impressed xxx

  2. My friends and I have today been looking at photographs of sheds which women had decorated. We love them all so well done with yours.

  3. I love it when our men indulge our mad moments :-)
    Fab shed x

  4. Ah I love this!! I will be painting our shed in the next few weeks and this is perfect inspiration! Xo

  5. That is just brilliant, I love it! Can't wait to see the bike shed, in due course ;)

  6. It stands out alright, you can see the blooming thing from Belgium but she's happy so job done.

  7. LOVE IT!! What a great idea! Our shed and rabbit hutch are in need of painting! so going to do this ... while the hubby is out or he'll go crazy!

  8. What an amazing idea, it has turned a normal boring old shed into something beautiful. 🌸🌸🌸

  9. That is really fabulous! He did a very good job of it! Round here I would have had to paint it myself as my hubby isn't really practically minded! Luckily my nearly 14 year old son loves doing DIY and he gets a lot of things done with me!

  10. wow thats a great transformation

  11. Looks great, much better than a boring old shed x

  12. I love this but the trick is getting the other half off the sofa and into the garden x


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