Thursday, 17 September 2020

Five Cheap Easy Meals to Teach your Child for University

 Sending your children off to University is a very strange time. As parents, it's in the job description to try to raise confident, healthy, happy people, who can make their own way in the world and be successful. Then the time comes for them to do just that and it's suddenly a bit nerve-wracking. It comes around so quick, it's easy to forget they've become adults, while we haven't been concentrating. One of the biggest concerns for parents is whether or not their offspring might starve, or become very unhealthy, due to a mix of ineptitude and laziness, so here are the five meals I taught my daughter to make before she went to university, they're cheap and easy, so will suit every budget and motivation level! 

First of all Special Fried Rice. I call it special because really you can chuck anything in it, so it's not tied to any particular meat or flavour. You can make it vegetarian, by removing the meat and using veg instead, such as mange tout, pineapple, even broccoli, which is also helpful for using up leftovers. I've used chicken and bacon in the recipe card, which is a great base, then you can always experiment with adding different vegetables if you want to. 

PDF Printable Recipe Card

Next, a personal favourite of mine, when I'm feeling particularly lazy; Sausage Casserole. There are many variations on this recipe, cooked in different ways, but this is a simplified, but still delicious version. If you want to add to the flavour, without making any extra effort, you can buy flavoured tinned tomatoes in place of standard ones. 

Printable PDF Recipe Card

Corned Beef Hash is a great comfort food recipe and is ideal for cold winter evenings, especially if your accommodation is a bit drafty! Perfect with crusty bread or chips, this recipe is not as cheap to make as it used to be, as corned beef works out more expensive than it used to, but it is handy if you don't have much space to store fresh food, or are not very close to the shops. 

Printable PDF Recipe Card

An easy, but impressive looking, vegetarian option, stuffed peppers are packed with nutrients, making them a healthy option for busy, cash-strapped students. Although this version uses a packet mix, so probably not as healthy as making it entirely fresh, it is still a really easy win for speedy nutrition. If you don't like peppers you could use beefsteak tomatoes instead. 

Printable PDF Recipe Card

French bread pizza is another great option for using up whatever is in the fridge. Once you have your base, you can add cooked meat, different veg, even fruit, if you want to be very adventurous. For extreme laziness, you can use basic tomato puree for the sauce, but I've added a nice, easy pizza sauce for added pizzazz. 



  1. Great ideas.
    I feel pretty proud of myself that my eldest already knows how to cook these meals although she does always turn her nose up at cous cous. We fill our peppers with rice. x

    1. Well done, I hope she cooks for you sometimes! That's a good idea, I'm a big fan of rice too, so it would be handy if we ran out of couscous.


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