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There are certain advantages to having a ten year gap between your children and one of them is that, by the time your youngest is school age, you have a ready and (for the right price) willing, babysitter. A large age gap between children doesn't suit everyone, but it was a win-win in our family because my eldest learned skills that she then used to secure more babysitting work, which gave her an income and experience while she was still at school and I never had to find someone to watch my youngest if I needed to go out at short notice, or if my work commitments changed. 

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If you don't have nearby relatives you can ask, or if you just value your independence and would prefer not to rely on family or friends, this can be a real problem, which is where come in. When I had my daughter, I was a single parent, which in many ways was brilliant, because you get to make your own decisions and be very independent, which is lovely ... until you want to go out on your own. You can't 'nip out' anywhere, everything has to be planned with military precision and if you want to go out for the evening there are questions, so many questions.  It kind of sucks the spontaneity out of life and, as this was in the analogue era before the internet was a thing, there really wasn't a lot of option for finding good reliable childcare, other than word of mouth. These days, however, the internet has an answer for everything and thus, was born. What a revelation this website is. I would have loved to have been able to access something like this when I wanted to go on a date-that-might-not-be-a-date-so-I-don't-really-want-to-make-a-big-thing-of-it-and-jinx-it situation, or out anywhere that I didn't want to confess to, actually. Big Mac, anyone? 

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I digress. This website has everything you could possibly need to find the right care for your child, from last-minute babysitters to long term childminders and everything in between. They even have a section specifically for Coronavirus helpers, to assist people who suddenly need childcare due to the lockdown. This could be an invaluable resource if a child gets sent home due to infection in their school bubble. I live in an area that's out-of-town and not too close to any amenities, but when I searched my address I found 258 babysitters within a five-mile radius of my front door. That's an impressive amount of people and provide a wealth of support and information to help you choose a safe and reputable carer for your little person, including a free online guide on checking childcare providers that gives details on how to check registrations and certificates, as well as what else to ask for. 

Children jumping to catch a ball in a forest is trusted by over 2 million members and is a one-stop-shop for all your childcare needs. There are even sections for tutors and home helps, which could offer even more lifelines for lockdown-weary parents, as well as parents who just need a break. The profiles and summaries for each provider gives detailed information about their skills, experience and specialties at a glance, which makes shortlisting candidates a breeze. I found the site really easy to navigate and the FAQs give a lot of reassuring answers for parents who are new to hiring someone for these important roles, or who have recently found themselves in need of a professional for their household. If you like a late-night Big Mac or are finding your workplace less flexible than you need, this could just be the answer you're looking for. 

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