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Home Beauty Treatments and Remedies - Tried and Tested

Pile of assorted lemons, one sliced, four whole, with text above the image.
All the beauty treatments included in this post can be made using ingredients you probably already have in the cupboard and I've tried most of them, so I know they work. Beauty treatments are a great way to relax and enjoy some me-time and that's something we could all benefit from at the moment. I've also included some remedies for common skin complaints, which could be really handy since it's hard to shop for beauty supplies right now. There is no reason not to look your best, even if you can't go out, it might be just what you need to lift your spirits and you could even rope in other family members to join you in some of the treatments too. 

I have been experimenting with natural alternatives to, often quite pricey, beauty treatments, made from ingredients I found around the house. This is a really fun way to spend some relaxing me-time and doesn’t have to cost much at all. It can also provide some handy hints for the potless students in your life or those high maintenance teenagers. I have my work cut out taming my frizz, so I'm starting with hair!

Hair Flair

For brunettes, try a few sprigs of rosemary from the garden, boiled for ten minutes in water, which is then allowed to cool. Pour over your hair during the final rinse for added gloss and shine to your locks.

Sprigs of Rosemary and a Jug of Water

To tame your frizzy mane, I highly recommend… beer! Ok, I will admit, it does honk a bit, but the trick is to boil about 300 ml on the stove (to remove the alcohol), until there’s only about a quarter of it left, then mix it with about twice as much of your usual (hopefully fairly aromatic) shampoo. Lather through your hair, then rinse, as normal. It is wonderfully softening and leaves even my hair a lot more manageable.

A selection of three glasses of different ales and two shot glasses containing sweets on a wooden stand.

Coconut oil has become a popular superfood for the health-conscious. It boasts a wealth of health benefits and actually tastes pretty good too. If you happen to have any in the cupboard, don’t underestimate its ability to stand in for your regular smoothing serum. A little drop goes a long way for smoothing and styling wayward strands and it smells divine!

If you find coconut oil too greasy, I've recently discovered rosehip oil. This is a much dryer oil, so it doesn't leave such a greasy residue. It also doesn't solidify at room temperature, so it's much quicker and easier to distribute throughout the hair. It's moisturising so if, like me, you suffer from dry scalp issues, try rubbing it into problem areas.

Lip Tips

Exfoliating lips is a must for the perfect pout. Soft, kissable lips are the staple of the confident smile, and the basis for the barely-there make up trends that are often popular. To find your inner pucker, try a little petroleum jelly on an old toothbrush and gently buff for a glowing grin. Another favourite of mine is brown sugar, mixed with a little olive oil, to form a paste. Massage into the lips with a fingertip, and the sugar will slough away dead skin cells, while the olive oil provides the moisturising magic.

A bottle of Filippo Berio Olive Oil standing on a plate next to a pole of brown sugar.

Skin Wins

The banana is an unsung hero when it comes to facial treats. Who would have thought such a humble fruit could provide so much goodness for our skin? It’s so easy, no real preparation is required, just smash it up with a masher and smooth onto your skin. Like any face mask you can buy, it’s full of vitamins and nutrients and after around fifteen minutes, you can rinse it away to reveal radiant, vibrant skin.

Avocado is another super-fruit. You can make a lovely exfoliating facial treatment with half an avocado, a couple of tablespoons of oatmeal and a tablespoon of honey. Add some lemon juice if it’s a bit too stiff. Massage into the skin for a few minutes, before rinsing away. This is a lovely wake-up treat, that’s sure to refresh and invigorate even the most (hungover) careworn complexion.

An avocado, sliced in half on a white surface.

Apple Cider Vinegar is believed to have a few useful beauty benefits, although these are largely untested so far. It's great for applying neat to a spot since it has antibacterial properties. I also dilute one part apple cider vinegar to two parts water, to use as a toner. It's meant to be good for spider veins and rosacea, but I haven't noticed a significant improvement. The vinegar works as an astringent, to tighten the pores and hopefully prevent breakouts. 

Helping Hands

Our hands are said to be the most age-revealing part of the body. On constant display and in and out of all sorts of unforgiving situations, they need all the help they can get! If you invest in one beauty item this year, make it a pair of cotton gloves. Not overly expensive, these will make any treatments work twice as hard, as they provide warmth to concentrate the effects. Even a very basic baby lotion or even hair conditioner can work wonders if applied generously and left overnight in a pair of cotton gloves. If you don’t have gloves, you can actually use socks. Provided they’re clean, obviously! To tackle those pesky cuticles, and brighten the look of the skin on your hands, mix some sugar with your usual hand soap, to provide a deep cleansing, exfoliating experience.

A lady's hand, held aloft, with a jet of lotion coming from the left and lotion dripping down the hand.

Body Bliss

Vitamin C is amazing for skin (my favourite face serum is basically all Vitamin C!), so make use of any citrus fruit you need to use up, by slicing it and floating it in a warm, soothing bath. Soaking in citrus water will allow the acids and vitamins to really cleanse and refresh your skin as well as reviving and boosting your energy levels with the refreshing steam. Also, my favourite trick for dry elbows is to rub them with half a lemon, it's surprisingly effective. 

This is one I haven't tried because I don't like the smell, but I've read it so many times in different places that I thought I would add it here in case it appeals because it does use an ingredient most of us have; coffee. Mix some coffee grounds in a bowl with sunflower oil and sea salt, then rub it into your skin as you would your usual body scrub. Obviously best done in the shower, you are going to want to rinse REALLY well after, or you might smell like a Starbucks. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my beauty bargains, I’d love to hear some of yours!

Hand photo by ian dooley on Unsplash
Avocado photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash


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