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UK Small Business Gift Guide - Supporting Independent Traders

White gift wrapped box, with fir tree decoration and a tea cup beside it.This year, there has been a lot more emphasis on supporting small businesses, instead of always buying from high street chains, or big internet names. To support this initiative, I have compiled a list of independent traders, who have either been recommended, or who I have nominated myself, so that you can see what's available to buy from great sellers. This is not just a Christmas gift guide, I hope it will be relevant at other times too, and I intend to keep adding to it, so do get in touch via my contact page if you would like to be featured or know a brilliant small business that deserves to be featured.

Our first featured small business is Kerrie Davis Jewellery, who produces the most beautiful, intricately designed and imaginative jewellery and hair accessories, in lots of different styles. There are a variety of influences to her work, from Elven Folklore to Steam Punk, so there really is something for everyone. I've picked out three of my favourite pieces from the Kerrie Davis Jewellery Facebook Page but there is a lot more to choose from in her Etsy shop; KerryDavisJewellery with prices starting at just £5. 

Collage featuring beaded snowflakes, and two different beaded necklaces.

Victoria, at Handmakes and Keepsakes offers an array of personalised and uniquely crafted items that make perfect gifts. Below are a few examples from the Handmakes and Keepsakes Facebook page, but there is a lot more to see, with a wide range of gift ideas for different tastes and personalities. You can also follow this link to the Handmakes and Keepsakes Etsy shop. From left to right; a personalised watch box, for people who love owning watches but always seem to wear the same one (or is that just me?), a trio of stunning hand gilded pink agate coasters and a rose gold and rose quartz adjustable bracelet with sparkling crystals. 

Collage featuring a watch box, pink agate coasters and pink beaded necklace

If you've got little ones to buy for, it can be tricky to find something fun that isn't just another generic toy. Fox and Rainbow specialise in fun, unique children's t shirts, running tops and rainbow baby clothing. Their designs are fun, endearing and perfect for the colourful character in your life, with a range of different cute prints and phrases. Prices start at just £3 for a personalised pencil case and there's an amazing range of items to choose from. Find them on the Fox and Rainbow Facebook page or over on the Fox and Rainbow Etsy shop

Collage featuring Mummy Rocks baby gro, Mum on the Run T shirt and personalised pencil cases

Willow and Plum produce gorgeous, natural cold pressed soap. There are many wonderful advantages to buying this soap, including that no palm oil is used in its production. Palm Oil has seen a huge rise in publicity recently, due to the decimation of rain forests that its manufacture causes. The public are being urged to avoid products containing palm oil, so this is a great opportunity to do your bit for the environment. The soaps are also vegan and are presented in minimal packaging, with no plastic. The perfect gift for anyone who likes to care for the planet. You can see the full range on the Willow and Plum website

Collage featuring Willow and Plum soaps

Halt Print seem to be able to personalise almost anything and they have a wealth of cute and humorous options to choose from. Whether you need a pot for your beard bits, or a bag for wine and sh*t, there's the perfect design for you!  There are also t shirts, mugs, aprons, cushions and lots of other gift ideas, for children and adults and to suit every taste. I also love their beautiful coasters, which come in amazing colours and styles. You can visit the Halt Print Facebook page, or find even more to choose from on the Halt Print website.

Collage featuring giraffe coasters, butterfly cushion and ceramic pot.

Sammy runs a business with the rather fabulous name of Two Kissing Fish. If the name alone isn't reason enough to pay the Two Kissing Fish website a visit, just check out some of her work. Her amazing creations capture the essence of her subject, whether it's family life, a wedding, or something else, perfectly and in such a unique way. Buy a gift from here, and you are guaranteed never to find another one the same! She can even include photos in the frame with the models to make it truly personal. Find Sammy's amazing designs on the Two Kissing Fish Facebook page

Collage featuring pebble pictures of a family with a dog, a wedding couple, and a 3D family in a jar.

Dreadlock Barbie Designs hails from Cornwall and creates lovely jewellery made from steel, wood, leather and miracle beads, as well as personalised charms and zip pulls. There are different designs to choose from, and bespoke jewellery can also be made to order. Dreadlock Barbie Designs invite you to message them on Facebook with anything specific you would like created and they will do their best to accommodate. Prices start at £2 for a pretty miracle bead bracelet in an assortment of colours. Find them on the Dreadlock Barbie Designs Facebook page

Collage featuring jewellery from Dreadlock Designs.

Natural Odyssey is my own personal recommendation. She is an artist who paints the most beautiful animal portraits. She paints on natural materials, such as slate and wood, but her speciality is pebble pet portraits. For gift ideas, she offers hanging decorations, with various charming designs, as well as painted wood, slate, and even brooches! Every time I see one of her tiny, perfect paintings, I am amazed by the lifelike expressions and true to life detail. A must for any animal or nature lover! Contact Gail on the Natural Odyssey Facebook page

Collage featuring hares painted on slate and wood and a bull dog painted on a pebble.

Sunny Sunflower Sews is the perfect choice for lovers of alliteration and the planet, as she specialises in all things eco-friendly. Her custom made clothes are stunning and come in an incredible range of colours and fabrics. She also makes other items that will help the planet, such as reusable make up wipes and beeswax wraps, so there's bound to be something to suit everyone. Get in touch via the Sunny Sunflower Sews Facebook page to discuss a custom order, or to see the lovely range of items available to buy now. 

Collage featuring Make up wipes, beeswax wraps and a romper suit from Sunny Sunflower Sews

Precious Time Memories is a local business to me and she has the most amazing gift ideas. You can buy all sorts of cool stuff, from personalised dog bandanas to hand made vinyl reward jars, that have space to add little buttons for good behaviour! She makes personalised teddies, which can feature anything from birth announcements to celebration greetings. I also love the weightloss book band, which also holds buttons as a really fun and visual way to track your weightloss. Find even more amazing ideas on the Precious Time Memories Website

Collage featuring a lion comforter, a christmas stocking and clover keyring, all personalised with embroidery.

For art lovers, R.A. Whitworth Art produces beautiful paintings in mediums such as watercolour, acrylic, oil, pastel and digital. She creates all kinds of nature-inspired paintings, including, animals, landscapes and architecture. My personal favourite is the watercolour giraffe in the middle of the below selection, but it's really impossible to choose and I strongly suggest you hop over to the R.A. Whitworth Art Facebook page or the RAWhitworth Etsy shop to see all the astounding art creations for yourself. As if this wasn't enough, the very talented Becky is also an author, and you can buy The Retreating Tide on Amazon. (This is an affiliate link, from which I receive a small contribution to the biscuit fund if you buy through it.) 

Collage featuring paintings of a crab, a giraffe and a Jack Russell puppy

There are lots of great reasons to shop more thoughtfully and my favourite is definitely the uniqueness of the gift. When I'm thinking of presents for people, I try to come up with something unusual that the recipient won't already have and independent sellers are great for this. Also, you will be making somebody, who puts a great deal of personal time and effort into their ideas, really, really happy. You know the provenance of everything you buy, so you can find out easily how ethically sourced it is, and what was involved in its production, and you will be doing a lot more to help the British economy too. Please do get in touch if you know of anyone who would like to feature in this guide. It's actually pretty difficult to find independent sellers and I would love to make this list huge, to connect as many people as possible with their perfect handmade gift! 



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