Monday, 8 October 2018

Falk Boy's Winter Jacket from Reima, it's Almost Life-Proof!

Boy standing in some trees wearing a Reima Falk Boys JacketReima have some really lovely items in their winter coat range, all with the usual considered and thoughtful design features. The focus is always on lightweight, durable fabrics, that allow children to move around freely and comfortably, whilst still being warm in the winter weather and this winter is no exception. We were sent the Falk Boys Jacket for free, to try out on an exceptionally fussy almost-teenager. Here's what he thought about it, as well as everything you need to know about warmth, durability and sustainability from Reima's homeland of Finland. 

One of the reasons we are big fans of Reima, is because my son loves their clothing, which makes life a lot easier. If you have a child who is often uncomfortable and fussy about textures and fabrics, you will know how difficult it can be.  You can end up spending a lot of money on something they simply refuse to wear, or take off at every opportunity, and it can cause a lot of 'healthy debates' and other issues. The great thing about the range from Reima, is that they go miles out of their way to find the best design specifically for children. They think about things like; the type of zip, the stitching, the fabric, then they put it all together, to make warm clothing that's actually comfortable and children really want to wear. 

Boy standing in some trees wearing a Reima Falk Boys Jacket

We tried out the Falk Boys Jacket and, as you can see, it's a pretty good fit. It's a little long in the arms, but we are a short-armed family, so I am always rolling up sleeves! Reima always say to measure your child, rather than going from their age, as this can vary a lot. I particularly like the fit of the hood. It stays put and doesn't slip down over the eyes, which makes it much more practical to wear than a big, fluffy thing. I think L liked that it was a bit more subtle too! The jacket features a soft shell lining, and a soft, covered zip. There are no hard or scratchy edges, which means you can do the coat right up without losing any of the comfort factor. 

Boy holding stick wearing Reima Falk Winter Jacket

The outside of the jacket is treated with BIONIC-FINISH ECO, which repels dirt and water, allowing children to be children. The filling is made from responsibly sourced down and feather insulation, which feels very warm and cosy, like wearing a little duvet! Also. the feathers and down that Reima use are certified to be ethically produced, no live plucking and no force-feeding, which is always good to know. Despite being designed to keep a child warm in temperatures down to -10, this jacket is so lightweight, it fits into this tiny pouch, for storage or transport. Brilliant for those days when you have no idea what the weather is going to do. 

Boy with Falk Winter Jacket Pouch over shoulder.

Reima was founded in Finland in 1944 and is the leading Nordic brand for functional children’s wear. They have over 70 years of experience in producing children's clothes that beat tough climates, and are dedicated to guaranteeing kids the freedom to be active and play outdoors, comfortably, in any weather. Function, safety, reliability and innovation are fundamental to Reima’s design. All materials and products are carefully tested, not only in laboratory tests, but also by the world’s most honest and ruthless testing team – children themselves. They also care about the environment and want their clothes to last as long as possible. They are manufactured to such a high standard, it is expected that they will be passed on to the next generation, after being outgrown, to lessen the impact on the environment of constantly having to replace items. 

Boy picking pine cones in Reima Falk Winter Jacket

The most important aspect of my son's clothing for me, is how he feels about it. Particularly as he's got older and more self-conscious, I worry about him getting cold if he doesn't feel good in his coat and takes it off as soon as he can. He tried the Falk Jacket on over the weekend, and we took all the photos. He told me he loved it, and it does look very comfy, but the proof came for me on the Monday morning, when he wore a coat to school voluntarily for the first time in about four years! As the parent of an almost-teen, I can assure you, that is the best comfort recommendation you can get!



  1. This looks great! I did laugh about the coat, Lewis refuses to wear one although maybe if I had one like this he would reconsider!

  2. I've never heard of this brand before. The jacket looks great and perfect for the winter!

  3. What a great jacket. I find ones like this last a good few years no matter how much they end up rolling around on the floor in them!

  4. Love the jacket. Navy is a good colour and it looks very robust and a long lasting item x

  5. It is a lovely coat, we love Reima and I have an eye on a couple of coats from there for this winter (when it arrives)

  6. When my brother was young he was fuzzy about his clothes, when he found something he liked we stuck with it. This jacket looks lovely

  7. My son is a Reima fan - his winter coat last year will hopefully see him through this winter too - it's a fantastic coat; they make amazing clothing.

  8. This is a new brand to me but they sound amazing! The coat looks fantastic and really comfortable (and warm!) too. Its great that your son is now happy to wear a coat especially with winter in its way it must be a huge peace of mind knowing he has a coat he is happy to wear!

  9. I've never heard of this brand, but it sounds like they're a fantastic company - comfort and practicality are so important, and it really is nice when something is well made and you know it will last. He looks lovely and warm!


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