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Christmas Gift Guide: Men

Christmas desk scene, with sleigh and reindeer flying over.
It's no secret that men are notoriously hard to buy for. It helps if they have a hobby or an interest, but even that can get a bit samey and predictable after a few years. There are only so many golf balls, football shirts, or hilarious mugs based on a TV show that one person needs. Sometimes you can quirky-up the classic gift, such as socks, or gloves, with a bit of imagination, but the real challenge is to find something he doesn't know he wants, so that you can be sure he will not only be happy with your choice, but also won't have already bought one for himself. Check out our ideas for some stress-free man-shopping this Christmas.

Back in the summer, we reviewed this Beer Growler, from Hydroflask. It's primary function is to keep hot drinks hot for up to 6 hours and cold drinks (such as beer) cold and fizzy for up to 24 hours. This might make it more of a summer item, but we used ours just the other day for a day trip in the car and it saved a fortune on the pots of tea we would have bought without it. So, whether you buy this as an investment for summer parties, or for a man with a money-saving mindset, this is definitely one to consider. 

Pouring beverage from a Beer Growler into True Pint beaker.

You can also buy Hydroflask True Pint cups, to complete the set. They contain the same technology, keeping your cold drinks cold and ensuring your hot drinks won't burn your hand. We used ours for our bonfire night celebrations. 

Boy with sparklers, featuring Hydro Flask True Pint cup in foreground.

Talking of winter exploits, you can't put a price on the gift of warmth and, if you want to throw in some style too, look no further than Mainline Menswear. They are the one stop shop for stylish menswear and accessories, including these Ralph Lauren Polo gloves, which they sent for us to try. Often, with branded, on-trend products, something is lost in the practicality and they don't always perform as well as they could, particularly in terms of providing warmth. I can confirm, though, that I have tried these myself and, despite the stylish exterior, they lose nothing in quality, or the all-important warmth that they are intended for. Visit the Mainline website for an array of gorgeous brand name clothing and merchandise to suit every taste. 

Ralph Lauren Polo men's gloves on a white background

Christmas is a time for eating, drinking and being merry, so here is another great winter-warmer; a classic whisky from Haig Club. I am not personally a big drinker and I am also not a man, therefore I had to enlist the help of someone who does a better job of both. So, at 3pm this afternoon I gave my dad a ring and he was more than happy to down a glass, just to help out. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon.  What a hero. I suppose it's always 5 o'clock somewhere. Anyway, the verdict was a very positive one, "This is an elegant, cask matured whisky, with a smooth oaky taste." he told me. But don't just take his word for it, this single grain whisky is so special, it's endorsed by none other than David Beckham, which is a pretty impressive recommendation, I'm sure you'll agree. It's presented in a sophisticated, classically simple bottle, which is housed in a sturdy, high quality gift box. Obviously this makes it ideal as a gift, but also means it will travel well, if you are visiting relatives and is also refreshingly easy to wrap, without giving away the contents!
Haig Club Whisky bottle, with gift box.
This next item was sent to me to try and I am so glad they did. The great thing about blogging is that you often discover products and experiences that you wouldn't otherwise find out about, and I am really enamoured with these. Eyejusters do exactly what the name suggests, they adjust to your eyes. If you are long sighted, you can just twist the little dial until everything is back in focus. They are really handy for someone who doesn't know their prescription and if there is more than one long-sighted person in the household they can even share them. Personally, I am short-sighted, but I tested them on the husband and he loved them!|

Eyejuster glasses, balanced on a small book

I mentioned finding a quirkier version of a classic gift earlier, and the best example I've found for this is United Oddsocks. Everyone needs socks, they will always get used, but as a gift it's a bit boring. Not anymore though, as this website has a seriously impressive range of fun, quirky and themed socks for every occasion. Even better, they deliberately don't match, which is perfect if the man in question is a bit scatty. I haven't got around to buying any yet and they haven't sent us any to review, so I don't have a photographic example of their socks to add to this paragraph. Here is a weird picture I once took of some ironed socks for a blog post I wrote instead. Check out their website, though, it's awesome!

A pair of socks ironed flat on an ironing board.

My favourite go-to website for man gifts is Timber Treasures. They offer a range of beautifully crafted wooden gifts, to suit every taste. From puzzle boxes, to barometers, they have an amazing range and some of the gifts available even have a story behind them, like this 40 year calendar I bought for our fifth wedding anniversary. The wood came from an oak tree felled at Great Wolford, Gloucester. It grew within sight of the Four Shire Stone - an ancient boundary point that marked the meeting point of the four great shires of Mercia: Gloucester, Warwick, Oxford and Worcester. It was a legendary meeting place visited in 1905 by one young schoolboy named John Tolkein who would later immortalise it as the Three Farthing Stone of Middle Earth. This website caters for everyone, even Lord of the Rings fans!

Timber Treasures 40 Year Calendar

If the man in question is part of a couple, you can get around the man gift issue by getting a joint gift, which can be a good way to get something more meaningful, as you can pool the budget for both of them. With baking being such a huge trend at the moment, a good quality stand mixer would be a great gift idea for anyone, from a young family, to a retired couple. My husband uses my stand mixer more than I do, which proves it's a versatile gift choice! This VonShef stand mixer from Domu has everything you need whether you're an experienced baker, or a beginner. There are dough hooks, beaters and a very handy whisk function, along with a splash guard for saving the surrounding kitchen area from any mishaps. I love the retro design of this model. It's so on-trend and would look really stylish in any kitchen. It comes in a variety of colours, but I chose pink, because I really like pink. The VonShef Stand Mixer is currently on offer at £74.99 a considerable saving on the £119 RRP.

VonShef stand mixer in pink

Don't forget, some of the items featured are available to win in our Big Christmas Giveaway, along with £100's of other Christmas gifts, so don't forget to enter. Happy shopping! 


  1. Thank you for the suggestions. This will make my Christmas shopping so mich easier! Great post

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  10. Men are so hard to shop for. Thanks for these ideas.

  11. I bought some Oddsocks for my daughter for Christmas as she purposely wears odd socks! I also got some for my niece as nephew, I think it was because they had sets of their names

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