Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Cooking Fantastic Healthy Meals with Mindful Chef

Vegetables arranged in a pattern on a kitchen worktop
I was asked by Mindful Chef, if I would like to review their recipe delivery service. The subscription service offers healthy, gluten free recipe ingredients, delivered to your door. You can pick from a range of recipes from the website, and the options change each week. They offered to send a free meal box, containing all the ingredients to make two healthy, nutritious meals from scratch. As well as being an excellent and convenient way to cook healthy meals for the family, I thought it would make a brilliant gift for students or any young person wanting to learn to cook. So I asked Jade if she would like to have a go at reviewing the box and here's what she said... 

Earlier this week I was sent a recipe box, including all the ingredients to create two dishes, each serving two people. The company who sent them is called Mindful Chef and I had decided to test this product and idea because I am looking to broaden my cooking horizons, before I live independently in a few years time.

Day 1: Pork and Apricot Kebabs with Pistachio and Mint Quinoa

The first recipe was for Pork and Apricot Kebabs, which took only an hour to cook and prepare. All the ingredients were really fresh and there were exactly the right amounts required. This was a very easy recipe to follow, that relied mainly on my abilities to dice peppers and fry meat. I did find frying meat tricky but learnt to identify if it was cooked through or not, which is a valuable skill to learn. The meal was a big success and it looked so delicious, even my 10 year old brother decided to try some of the new food on the skewers.

Pork and apricot kebabs with pistachio and mint quinoa

Day 2: Beef Rendang with Lemongrass, Mangetout and Brown Rice

As this was the second meal, and the first one went well, I decided to cook for a friend of mine and me. I had text him that he was going to be treated to a “Beef Surprise!” to which he replied, “Be warned: I’m famished!” I left myself an hour to prepare the meal and as I started chopping lemon grass and ginger that I didn’t know one end of from another, I wondered why it was all taking so long. I had to YouTube certain cutting and peeling techniques and as I threw it in the pan, started boiling the rice in a separate pan and the coconut in yet another saucepan, my fears of not being done in time were confirmed as a brief look at the clock confirmed I had 10 minutes to dice and cook beef and for assembly time. So I learned something about time management along the way!

Finely chopped vegetables

 Although, that being said, when Stevie arrived he immediately started helping and was very curious about the product and company and sounded a little upset that I didn’t invite him over earlier to help. It was fun to cook and I have learned many new cooking skills from just two recipes that can be used at any point. I especially like the recipe cards, which turned out to be both water and beer proof, perfect for students. The ingredients were great quality and the instructions were easy to follow, I would recommend this to anyone who is just starting to learn to cook and enjoys the madness of watching too many saucepans, with no idea which one to turn off first!

Beef Rendang with Brown Rice, Lemongrass and Mangetout



  1. Oh those pork and apricot kebabs look and sound amazing - would never have thought of putting those foods together! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. Love all the different colours you've used as well makes it look even more tasty

  3. Yummy, both dishes look and sound delicious, you have really tempted me.


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