Thursday, 16 June 2016

What Do You Want for Your Children? - A Poetry Wave

A duck and her ducklings on a river bankI had an idea for a poem and as I started writing, I realised it was going to be really difficult to finish. The subject, originally, was 'What I Want for My Children', and it was meant to be a little poem about all those things we wish for our children as they grow and make their own way in the world. It got me thinking, though, that there are probably a hundred different wishes we would make for our children, which gave me an idea. It would be really interesting to hear different people's ideas for their children's future. Please add a verse in the comments, if you would like to. 

What I really want for you is happiness.
I want you to be so happy that
You never have to dream.

What I really want for you is peace,
I want you to know such peace that
you never need to hide.

What I really want for you is courage,
I want you to feel such courage that
You're never afraid to speak up.

What I really want for you is faith,
I want you to have faith in yourself,
And all that's good in the world.

What I really want for you is...

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  1. What I really want for you is self worth,
    I want you to know how special you are,
    And what an incredible person you can be...

  2. What I really want for you is colour
    I want you to see the truth in the things around you
    And to share your light with others

  3. What I want for you is love.
    To love honestly and be loved unequivocally
    because you are you.

    I asked myself recently what i wanted most for my children! Fab to read your poem #proseforthought

  4. What I really want for you is courage.
    I want you to stand by your fellows
    and look for good in all.

  5. What I really what for you is to know the truth
    The truth between what is right or wrong
    And never having to feel guilty for your choices

    (Fabulous idea Lucy, thanks for linking to Prose for Thought x)


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