Monday, 26 October 2015

Mueller Spiral-Pro Review

Mueller Spiral-Pro with text overlaidThe Husband loves playing with his food, namely making it look pretty, or funny, or different. So when the people at Mueller offered me a Spiral-Pro to review, I was keen to take part, as I knew he would gleefully put it through its paces. He was initially a bit concerned by the lack of instructions, but it turns out it is so straightforward to use, even he didn't need too many directions to put it together or start spiralling. The box tells you what each different attachment does and it's very easy to put together. Not to be played with by children, it's strictly adults-only, due to the extremely (but necessary!) sharp attachments. 

Mueller Spiral-Pro
Mueller Spiral-Pro

Once assembled, the mechanism is very straightforward. You can use any fairly sturdy vegetable or fruit, that will fit on those slightly vicious looking prongs. The prongs hold the veg in place and a turn of the handle effortlessly produces an array of artistic offerings. 

Spiralized Salad
Spiralized Salad

We tried pepper, apple, beetroot (bit messy), cucumber and carrot. Carrot is particularly spectacular, reminiscent of the wire that attached a telephone handset to its base in the olden days.* Apparently you can also spiral potatoes and sweet potatoes, to make funky chips, and even crisps, but we haven't tried this yet. To give you an idea of the possibilities for your inner Domestic Goddess, here is a photo of my finished salad. The gigantic tomato is The Husband's own creation and is not affiliated to any product, except his own imagination! 

Salad With Spiralled Vegetables
The finished lunch

 This product is really fun and easy to use and has an unforeseen bonus, which is that L thinks it's fabulous and its curly offerings are really, really cool. So, suddenly, he is voluntarily eating green and healthy food. Raw food, no less! We have had real problems with fussy eating in the past, so this is a big deal for us!

Boy with Spiral Veg
Delicious Vegetables for Children

When you have finished creating your creations, the whole contraption comes apart and is completely dishwasher safe. Handy if you try the beetroot, trust me! Storage is a breeze, as the spare slides fit in a compartment beneath, all carefully labelled, then the rest of the parts fit together to form a perfectly storable cube. An all round quality product that has thought of everything! 

Mueller Spiral-Pro
The Spiral-Pro is compact for storage

*Those under 30; it happened, look it up!

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