Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A Really Easy Toastie Twist!

Cheese and other stuff on toast
Fed up with unimaginative cheese on toast? Here's a way you can jazz it up, with very little cost or effort! This lunchtime recipe is super-simple to make and can be adapted to use up all kinds of left overs you may have languishing, unloved, in your fridge. It's a straight forward twist on classic Cheese on Toast. All you need to start you off is grated cheese and tomato puree, the rest is up to you! Here is how I made mine, but you can add or remove ingredients to suit your taste and budget. You can also use french bread, or pitta bread, which makes it more like a pizza.

First, toast one side of two slices of bread under the grill.
Turn them over and thinly spread tomato puree over the untoasted side.
Place half a slice of ham on each bread slice, over the tomato puree.
Finely slice one mushroom and spread evenly over the ham.
Repeat with about a third of an onion.
Cover everything with cheese, as much as you like.
Turn down the grill and toast slowly, until browned.
Eat and enjoy!

Other ingredients that work well include; peppers, cooked sausage or chicken, spring onion, celery or olives. 

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