Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Wing Walking Super Mum for Parkinson's UK!

With Mother's Day on our minds, I thought I would share with you an amazing story about a wonderful mum and her crazy fundraising efforts, guest posted by her daughter, Eleanor. It would be really lovely if you could share this post on your own Social Media platforms, in order to spread the word and raise as much money as possible for an amazing cause. Thank you. 

I would like to tell you a little bit about my mum, she is of course very special to me as all mothers are but I am so proud of her and cannot express enough how very giving and generous she is. 
I was adopted as a baby and could not have been given two lovelier parents.  My mum has been there constantly throughout my 47 years and no matter what trials and tribulations I have caused her she has always seen me through them.  People often remark how close my parents and I are, there always has been a special connection.
I look back on some of the times when growing up which bring a huge smile to my face.  There was the day she came to my school with her guitar to sing, I cringed with embarrassment at the time but now I regard her as one of the best singers there is.  I have a few of her CD's, she still sings and teaches the community choir.  Or the time I was moaned at at school for wearing too much make up and my mum promptly told them how this had no bearing on my education whatsoever.  Then there was the time I ended up in hospital yet again for another asthma attack, my mum worked there as a nurse and would come up and visit me with little presents, I particularly remember a snoopy necklace for some reason. She is always in my corner and forever has my back.
Well at 72 years of age she has decided to do a Wing Walk in April of this year for Parkinson's Disease.  A very close friend of my mum's is a sufferer so it is something which means a lot to my mum.  I wasn't surprised as amongst other things she has recently climbed mountains, lived on a commune and travelled the world.  She is hoping to raise £1000 for Parkinson's UK and I would so love if people could contribute to this great cause and give my mum a helping hand so she is not totally alone up there in the sky!  Here is the link to her Just Giving Page, thank you so much for reading.



  1. What an amazing woman, I hope she reaches her target! xxx

  2. What a lovely post and I wish your Mum all the luck in the world for April!! Good on her.

    Helen - UK Bloggers

  3. Thank you so much, she is quite a lady !

  4. Wowzers... I thought jumping from planes was huge... being Outside ON a plane. ... eeeeeeek!

  5. This is wonderful. My Mum has Parkinsons and so did my Grandmother so this cause is close to my heart x


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