Sunday, 12 October 2014

My Favourite Movie Soundtrack, with CurrysPCWorld

I recently heard about a competition from CurrysPCWorld, the suppliers of all things swanky in the world of sound, including the competition prize, from Bose. The competition really captured my attention, because it was on one of my husband's favourite subjects; movie soundtracks. So, there follows a guest post by said husband, on the subject of Singin' in the Rain. Best of luck, dear!


My nomination would be for Singin' in the Rain, not just the score but the fact that it is such a perfect fit for the film itself as well, which is why it has remained a favourite of so many generations to this day. I find it very fitting that the original film that tells the story of the transition from silent films to "talkies" does so through one of the most enduring soundtracks of all time. 

The film was devised and made by Arthur Freed of MGM and has been voted the best film ever made by the studio. It is also ranked the 5th greatest American film of all time, so few could argue with it's pedigree. 

I also find the whole concept of the cast dubbing quite fascinating. The idea of the film is that Kathy Seldon (Debbie Reynolds) provides the voice for Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen). However Jean Hagen has such a beautiful voice they decided to use it, therefore throughout the film you have Jean Hagen singing for Debbie Reynolds as opposed to the other way around. Debbie Reynolds never actually sang in the film. 

Most of the songs were actually written before the film was ever thought of, although songs like Make 'em Laugh were written specifically for it, albeit it does strike a resemblance to Cole Porter's Be A Clown. Collectively you couldn't assemble a much better score for a film, which is why I would choose this one. 

By Phil Dorrington. long-suffering husband at The Parent Game!



  1. I love the song Singing in The Rain but haven't watched the whole film. I wonder what the other top American films of all time are?

    1. Hi, Mellissa, thanks for commenting, the top 100 is here; it makes interesting reading!

  2. I love this movie, I am a bit of a B&W fanatic - I loved the actual way they recorded sound in those days it was truly incredible! The sets, the music, the costume .... all so grand and on such an epic scale - excellent choice Phil :)

  3. I have a lifelong love of old films, all the musicals, Norman Wisdom and especially Danny Kaye.


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