Monday, 1 September 2014

Note to Self...

A Guest Post by Jade...

A new year for most people will begin in January with a list of resolutions, written in good faith, to improve yourself. Everyone looks to improve in the same areas. Resulting, in special offers at gyms and magazines promoting the New Year’s sale in every clothes shop to help you to find the ‘New You'.
However, for a student the New Year will begin in September with a list in hand, ready to raid the nearest stationary shop for ‘GCSE’ or ‘A-Level’ assistants. There is one thing in common with both of these lists: Organisation. Everyone is looking for a new way to organise their life, be happy and reduce stress, whatever time their New Year starts.  So, how can we achieve this ultimate goal of happiness through organisation?

Oxford Notebooks. I could not believe the answer could be this simple either, after having completed two years of GCSE’s and one year of A-level, I thought I knew a thing or two about organisation. But, Oxford Notebooks just blew my mind! They clearly know their market
well. The first thing that impressed me was the ring bind book. These people have clearly been the ones sat in the back of the class whispering to the person next to them: “Psst, can I use some of your paper? Forgot my notebook again…” or, maybe they were the ones throwing the paper aeroplanes across the classroom? Either way. Genius!

The second most amazing feature, which I have never seen before, is the built in planner. The days of the week can clearly be split into days where we work hard and those where we play hard. Another impressive feature is the beginning of the notebook, where you can write down all of your contact details, which although useful if you lose the notebook, it is also really handy for reminding you to update these details on your CV every time you open it.

The final, best feature of the notebook is the section designed for doodling on the bottom of the first page, for the days when you are concentrating so hard on that chemistry lesson that doodles of Daniel Radcliffe’s face just happen to appear in that space… as if by magic! ;)
They make a folder. I was apprehensive at first, remembering all of the paper folders that had shrivelled and creased up ruining my work because a drink had spilled in my bag.  However, it is plastic and green and ready to go in September!
This is the company to go to. It is ideal for students, but anyone can be organised with these fantastic assistants for any busy life. On my next list in September when I begin my apprenticeship it shall begin: “Note to self: Buy folders and notebooks from Oxford Notebooks.” 



  1. Your enthusiasm for the company is brilliant Jade, but I totally agree with you. I've bought their stationary before and it is very good quality.

  2. I have written some schedules to be more organised and it works perfect so far!

  3. I've never heard of this brand before but I'll definitely look out for it - great review!

  4. They sound fantastic for students - wonder if they will work well for bloggers too! x


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