Friday, 22 August 2014

40 Days of Summer - Days 21 to 30

Day 21: Paint a Face!

I'm never quite sure who this entertainment is actually for. It's always mooted as a wet weather activity that will keep L busy for ages. However, I think Jade gets as much, if not more, enjoyment out of using him as a walking colouring book! Today's effort is Spiderman, and only required the 'reduced to clear' Snazaroo England face paints I found in Tesco, left over from the World Cup (don't get me started!) and, ahem, eyeliner. The latter isn't really recommended, but it was a spur of the moment thing. Obviously, be wary of sensitive skins and if you do decide to risk it, for goodness' sake don't use the waterproof stuff, you'll be scrubbing for hours!
The great part about face painting is that anyone can do it, and it can encompass any subject, depending on the latest fad and appeal to both boys and girls equally. If you are seriously rubbish at art and don't feel very confident, why not begin with something simple, like different styles of moustaches? It actually doesn't matter if your efforts are a bit hopeless though, children find that even funnier! 

#40DaysofSummer What will you do today?

Day 22: Discover Your own Zoo!

I guess this will depend on where you live, but it is sometimes possible to find little zoo-like pockets of furriness in your own backyard. If you don't have any nearby farms, you could try local parks for squirrels, rabbits, or birds. We have a Donkey Sanctuary near us, which is a pretty long walk, but definitely worth it. L loves donkeys, having developed a strong bond with his cuddly Eeyore from a very young age. I also love donkeys, because they are fluffy and cute, so basically any creature with a natural fur onesie gets my vote. It could just as easily have been sheep or cows. We found a goat and some chickens the other week. The point is, to slow down and really look at how the animals interact with each other, see what you can learn about them. It doesn't have to be an elephant or a performing seal to be really entertaining. 

#40DaysofSummer What will you do today?

Day 23: Yes, it's Another Park!
I know it's a bit of a cheat, but who cares, as long as everyone is getting fresh air and having fun! I like this park, because there's a swing that is even big enough for my ample posterior! And a zipwire. Every park should have one of these, as they keep the grown ups amused! Some people think parks are boring; waiting for the children to finish playing, no mobile signal, etc., but if you get involved, you can incorporate being with your children with getting some great exercise. There's the seesaw, for your thighs, pushing the swing, for your arm muscles, and the slide, for just looking really silly. Try it, next time you're there, you'll be surprised how many more parents join in, because they've been itching to have a go! 

#40DaysofSummer What will you do today?

Day 24: Buy a Little Something!

We are over halfway through now, which makes me feel a bit sad. I know it can be hard work having the children home all the time, I know they get boisterous and ratty through lack of routine and it's a real brain-drain trying to think of new and wholesome activities to keep them out of trouble, but I do enjoy having them home. I love having whole days to just ... be. And I miss them when they go back to school. So, today I bought a little 'halfway through' treat. I got it for £3.74 in the Sainsbury's Toy Sale and it went down very well indeed. I was busy packing for a few days away at my Dad's, so it was a welcome distraction, even if I wasn't actively involved in its construction. 

#40DaysofSummer What will you do today?

Day 25-30: Visit Relatives!

This week we went to visit my Dad for a few days. I got a great deal on the Megabus and, after doubling up my Tesco Clubcard vouchers, I paid just £22 for a return ticket for three of us to London from Bristol. I really rate the Megabus, it's unbelievably comfortable for such a cheap price. There are toilet facilities and electrical outlets for mobile devices, it's all much more modern and clean than the price suggests! Anyway, we did lots of fun things while we were away. We went to the Lollibop Festival, which was packed with lots of different shows and activities. L loved Sam and Mark and the Horrible Histories show and even met Harry Potter! We also visited the Gunpowder Mills at Waltham Abbey, which was really exciting. There are lots of hands-on activities for children, including building and launching your own rocket and the Nerf Zone, where you could let rip with Nerf guns in a safe environment. There was more kite-flying (different kite, in a different place, so it counts!) and playing with a manic Beagle. On the last day we had farewell cakes in a London cafĂ©, before beginning the bus journey home. 

#40DaysofSummer What will you do today?


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