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Cleaning, Fun?! H20X5 Steam Cleaning System Review

H20X5 Cleaning SystemI try not to do too many reviews, because I don't want to get boring, but I couldn't resist this fantastic offering from the lovely people at Thane who kindly sent it free, for me to play with. I love this company, because they think very hard about how to make life easier and as you will have possibly noticed, I am all about the fun aspects of parenting, so making the mundane bits easier and quicker suits me fine. So... what have I got for you today. No, NEXT TO the small boy in stripey socks! Isn't it awesome? It is, in fact, an H20X5 Steam Cleaning System and I have to say, I love it. I chose red, bu it also comes in white and the original green.

Although this product was Robert Dyas' best seller last year, as well as being top seller at Rymans, I was a bit sceptical at first, as I already had a floor steamer. It was ok, but I didn't use it that often, as it was a bit fiddly to set up, and it was very basic, in that it only cleaned floors. This one, however, is quite a lot more than that, although the microfibre cloth that attaches to the floor tool does mean your floors get a helpful polish, along with a thorough clean. In the last few days, I have cleaned; windows, floors, carpets, mirrors, kitchen surfaces, nooks, crannies, and a lot more besides. And I've enjoyed it! I have big problems with my back and it does make cleaning tasks a challenge, but I have to say, this product has made more of a difference than I could ever have expected.

H20X5 Attachments 

This picture shows a slection of the tools that comes with the Steam Cleaner. There is also a soft scrubby brush, along with the metal one in the picture, for less forgiving surfaces! Thw indow cleaner features a squeegee and a really useful microfibre cloth, to eliminate streaks. The middle fluffy lollipop attachment, steams fabric, which is brilliant for curtains in situ, as well as delicate fabrics. 

The best part about this product, is it's flexibility. It does the job of not only my floor steamer, but also my handheld steamer as well, so it is already saving space! It also requires no cleaning products at all to do a fantastic job. So it also saves space and money on cleaning products, such as window cleaning spray, floor cleaning concentrate, mops, buckets, etc. If you have trouble, like me, with house cleaning tasks, I would highly recommend it, as it makes the workload so much lighter, as well as killing up to 99% of bacteria, including Salmonella and E-coli. Let's have a look at some before and after shots, and you'll see what I mean!

Before and After Window Comparison with H20X5

This is my nemesis. Anyone who has children and a white back door will recognise the top picture as being made up primarily of scuffmarks from little boys' shoes. I kid you not, the cleaner, with it's flexible hose and little scrubby nozzle, took care of the entire door in under twenty minutes. The section in the picture, which was by far the worst area, took around five minutes. As you can probably tell, it's an area that I do put off cleaning, as it normally takes so long! Additionally, by exchanging the scrubby tool for the window cleaning one, it's very easy to carry on cleaning the glass as well, without needing any extra cleaners or cloths.

Before and After Carpet Comparison with H20X5

I don't think my carpet was a very fair test for this cleaner, because it's a very old, short piled dining room carpet. So it was kind of a challenge. I went over it a few times and it brightened it up and picked up the pile, as well as removing a lot of the trail of debris that comes from having carpet under a dining table. I also think this method of carpet cleaning works best if you keep it up every few weeks, which you can, as it's remarkably easy, and leaves the carpet barely damp, so it dries very quickly. 

H20X5 Cleaning System

I just wanted to show you one more feature which I loved! From my usual fairly lazy viewpoint, there's nothing worse than having a cleaner that doesn't quite get into the corners, so you have to crawl around behind it, tidying up the edges. Not anymore, though, as the H20X5 Steam Cleaning System has a swivelly head, and it's triangular, like the corners it's meant to clean! This element is inspired, as it really works, and saves lots of time. I love this kind of thinking, we need more of it in household products! As well as Robert Dyas and Rymans, this product has recently become available in Argos and Tesco, making it dead easy to accidentally buy one with your weekly shop! *oops* :-D 


  1. we bought a steam cleaner recently, and it's made such a difference to our home. I love it in a way I never thought I could love a cleaning product!

  2. I recently bought a steam cleaner too and I'm currently trying to clean the whole house before the novelty wears off, but I have to say that it makes cleaning the floors a doodle - and they dry super quick too!

  3. I have this cleaner and it's amazing.I need to have a go on my old carpet with this to spruce it up. Great review!
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