Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Moments that Mattered

Was it just me, who found 2013 to be very, very short?! I know that for most of it, we didn't have a lot of spare cash, so exciting trips were thin on the ground, but it just seemed to fly by. I've been trying to think of my most memorable moment, which got me thinking about memorable moments in general. It's a bit like trying to define 'normal' or 'best', or trying to quantify pain. How do you compare, when moments can be amazing for all sorts of reasons? So, I have picked one, but it's not the only one, really, it's too hard to choose!

In December, my daughter turned 18. This was an occasion that I was very much looking forward to, but also something I would have liked to put off! It's hard to watch your babies grow up, each new phase can be filled with pride, awe, excitement, but always a tinge of sadness at what's gone before. It's hard not to miss the amazing little girl she once was, she had a hilarious sense of humour, even from a tiny age, she was exceptionally kind and thoughtful and I am immensely proud that she has kept that side of her personality as she's got older. I suppose, really, you can't look on it as the adult replacing the child, more that the adult has grown up with the child at her centre. Like a creme egg. Very much like a creme egg actually. She was kind of a sticky child! Anyway, nostalgic melancholy aside, the other reason I would have liked to have done things differently, is because, it's one of those occasions when you want to get it right. There are a lot of occasions like that in a child's life, where it matters, because it's their lasting memory and it should be special. I worried, due to the financial constraints, it wouldn't be special enough. She had lovely presents, and a lovely cake, but there was no 'wow' factor. We had no car, but it was a lovely day, so we decided to take a walk to a local pub, for her first official drink. I took this picture.

It was when I got home and looked at it on the laptop. I realised something. We had a really nice time. The sun was out all the way there, and on the way home, it was getting dark and there were beautiful Christmas lights everywhere. It was such a lovely, relaxing time. It made me realise that it's not about comparing your life to other people's, spending a certain amount of money, or having the flashiest event, it's about having a lovely time. What she wanted to do was go to a pub and have a quiet drink. Which we did. So, in that respect at least, it was spot on. 

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  1. You should be really proud of Jade hun, she's a wonderful young lady. I can't believe you have an 18 year old, I really dread the day my Chloe turns 18 - It's so scarey but when she does I hope we have half the companionship you two share xx

  2. Thank you so much, Chris! And you so will, you're a cool mum! :-) xxxx


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