Thursday, 7 March 2013

Dapper Whippersnappers? I think so!

It's such a nightmare sometimes, isn't it? Getting up each morning, trying to decide what to wear. What's fashionable? What looks great? And most importantly, does this outfit convey superhero status? Oh yes, for a six year old boy, it can be a wardrobe nightmare! My son suddenly cares what he wears. For example, Thomas the Tank Engine is 'out' and Spiderman is definitely 'in'. This has come as a bit of a shock, to be honest. I don't know many grown men who give too many hoots what they're dressed in, provided they don't have to iron it, but the playground is an unforgiving world, so suddenly it matters.

At this stage in my young son's life, I am grateful for two things. Firstly, school uniform. As much as it cuts a big hole in the budget at the start of the school year, once it's all paid for, I know I am then safe in the knowledge, that I can throw the same clothes on him (not literally, clean versions of course!), with no arguments! Secondly, I am very pleased to have discovered Dapper WhipperSnappers, a brilliant source of trendy and unusual clothing for children of all ages, at amazing prices! The page is run by Michelle, who kindly sent my son this lovely Spiderman jacket, which I have not seen in any shops. It is a great example of the range of different and interesting clothes available from her Facebook page, which are sure to satisfy even the most fashion-conscious young minds!

By the way, please don't ask me why there is half a fishing net left of shot, as I have no idea. Sometimes I think it's best not to dwell on these things. Like, for example, why there is a bottle of pancake mix in the middle of the living room, or why there is a train on the stairs. I am sure, philosophically speaking, all things will find their way home eventually. In the meantime, I have more photos to show you! Firstly, allow me to explain. My son, has a pretty large head. I am hoping the amount of money I have spent on replacement hats over the years will come back to me, when we find out it was housing a gigantic brain, capable of conquering enough GCSE's and A levels, to secure me a pretty swanky old folks home! But, it does mean the most brilliant part of this jacket was sort of lost on him. I'll show you another picture of it and you'll see what I mean.

Pretty neat, huh? But, I would advise, if you suspect your child maybe of the 'large brained' variety, you may want to consider the next size up! Next, some other pictures of the brilliant items you can find over on the Dapper WhipperSnappers Facebook Page!

It was hard to choose just a few items to show you, as there are so many fabulous finds, but this blog post is going to look like really colourful toilet paper, if I don't stop soon! So, next time your little one needs to look glamourous, or trendy, or you're just looking for something a little bit different, pop over and see Michelle, I'm sure she'd be very pleased to see you!

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  1. You are hilarious Lucy, TRULY! I love your reviews they are so 'you', you get your point across in a very honest way and yet still manage to bring in humour and eccentricity ;)
    I love this blog <3

    I will definitely be looking at the clothes for Evan! I would never have heard of them if not for this! Brillo pads stuff!! xxx


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