Sunday, 13 January 2013

New Year, New Active Lifestyle with Kidz Outdoors

Hello and Happy New Year!

So I've been missing in action for a while after falling victim to Hurricane Man-flu. It was a real stinker. And, of course, the problem with getting ill at Christmas is that it takes ages to get back into any kind of routine. Relatives visiting, children to entertain, lie-ins and too much food all lead to good intentions and not much else! Then, before you know where you are, it's the middle of January and you've already missed a couple of birthdays... or is that just me?

I blame the typically British weather we've been having for the influx of yucky bugs that have been doing the rounds. It's so hard to motivate yourself to go out and about with the family when it's dark enough to represent some kind of apocalypse. So, we all end up indoors, making excuses and putting the kettle on one more time! It stands to reason, then, that we were overjoyed to see a familiar yellow globe making a welcome reappearance in a damp sky this afternoon. Wellies on, and we were out that door! Small son had received a lovely product to review from a brilliant website called Kidzoutdoors. This is a company who provide great ideas for days out, whilst also offering wonderful and innovative products to encourage your kids... outdoors! (see what I did there?!) They are most famous for their outstanding array of Balance Bikes, in all kinds of colours and designs. If you haven't come across these yet, they are the most brilliant invention to teach a child to ride without stabilisers. Have a look, you'll be amazed!

Small son was a very lucky boy, trying out a pair of Celestron UpClose Binoculars. The first point to notice about them is they really pack a lot of power for their size! They are small enough to be perfect for little hands, encouraging independence and the opportunity for adventure and discovery with the minimum parental interference. However, it was possible to pick out considerable detail. The rubberised casing makes them incredibly durable and robust. I had no worries about them being dropped or sat on, which is a really useful feature for six year old boys! And, of course, the promise of discovering little gems of nature, was enough to keep him busy in the great outdoors for long enough to wear him out just a little bit! Kidz Outdoors have a great range of outdoor toys and equipment to drag even the most reluctant little person off the sofa, and they hold regular competitions through their Twitter and Facebook pages. So why not pop over and say hello, they'll be really pleased to see you!


  1. hi, Im going to have a look at the binoculars, we love the outdoors and now all the schools seem to do nature clubs ect they would make a handy practical present for my sons birthday. I hadnt thought of these before and was struggling for ideas.x

  2. What a great way to get children outside!

  3. Will definetly visit kidz outdoors for Jakes birthday :)


  4. Ooooo these look fab, my son would love these. He loves the outdoors and looking around fir things outside.

  5. Growing up the only pair of these i ever saw were my dads when he would go horse racing and they were far too big and heavy for me to use, so a design thats great for kids and most of all " bouncy" sounds like a great idea

  6. ohh a perfect extra for my sons spy kit :)


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