Friday, 29 January 2021

Would you Encourage a Career in Engineering for Your School Leaver?

A blue robotic hand, with palm facing forwardI attended an online presentation last week with my son on the career options in a manufacturing firm near us. We are surrounded by big-name manufacturers where we live and I was really taken with the idea of an apprenticeship. I'd never really thought about it before, I didn't even realise they were still a thing, but I thought it was important we got some insight into potential careers since we won't be going to any events any time soon and I really learned a lot. Things have changed since I was at school and young people are required to stay in education even longer, which is great, but I'm glad there are options available for those who may not be that academically minded and would prefer something a bit more hands-on. 

Thursday, 21 January 2021

How to Declutter and Still Be Sentimental

|A dressing table with a vase in the background and a basket containing assorted trinkets, including books, beads, and a model of the Eiffel Tower
 I've never considered myself to be a hoarder, but I do like to hang onto things. Not necessarily out of sentimentality, although that is often the case, sometimes because there is no real reason not to keep something. I look after things and keep them in good condition, so why not just let it all stay? Like most people, though, my house is not huge, and recently I've found myself dreaming of a bigger place even more than usual. Something had to give and it was time to either buy an awful lot of lottery tickets or get tough. I started with my dressing table, which I talked about in Creating my Small Space Home Office and I've carried on from there. Here's how I decluttered my whole house successfully, without losing my mind, or anything I didn't want to. 

Saturday, 12 December 2020

The Ultimate Independent Small Business Gift Guide

Hands tying a ribbon onto a circular gift box
This gift guide is entirely unsponsored and features a combination of small, independent businesses that I have used myself and small independent businesses that have been recommended to me. I hope it provides a useful resource for anyone wanting to support small businesses and #BuyLocal. There are a number of reasons to choose independent businesses, including supporting the economy and helping to create a more diverse marketplace. It's also nice to buy from someone who is really going to get a warm feeling from someone using their service. There are no pictures, to keep it fair to all the businesses and because this took forever to produce and I really wanted to get it out before Christmas! 

Thursday, 10 December 2020

Mindscreen Experience Raising Self Confidence in Children - Part 3

In the foreground, a drinking glass with water in it and a long, thin green leaf and, in the background, a laptop featuring the Mindscreen logo
 We've come to the end of our Mindscreen Experience and we wanted to share one last update with our progress and thoughts on how it went. In case you haven't caught up with Looking After Children's Mental Health with Mindscreen and Review of the Mindscreen Experience Part 2, I've been taking part in a review of the Mindscreen Experience program with my teenage son. Mindscreen provides a toolkit of resources to enable you to measure and improve your child's self-confidence, by helping you work together to find out how they feel now and guiding you through lesson plans and worksheets to improve their self-esteem and self-confidence. 

Friday, 27 November 2020

Amazing Gift Ideas for Teens and Tweens


Teens and tweens are one of the hardest groups to buy for. These days it's worse, because they are mostly involved with tablets and smartphones, so what do you buy for them that won't last five minutes before they get bored with it and it potentially ends up in landfill? To avoid having to resort to money or vouchers, this year I've used all my experience raising teens and tweens to come up with some great suggestions. I've got together some amazing gift ideas from Buzz Beauty and Buzz Retail to help you out this Christmas with some entertaining gifts that teens and tweens will love. I have not been paid for this post, but I did receive free products, chosen by me, so that I could review them properly and take photographs. 

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

10 Easy Ways to Relax in Just 10 Minutes

A lady in silhouette from behind in a cross legged yoga pose
 When we entered lockdown back in March, everyone talked about having so much free time, but this wasn't the case for everyone. We might have been home more, but educating children, working from home, and other new unforeseen demands all meant that for some, life never really slowed down. Now we're back in another lockdown, and it's worse because many are still at work, but the kids are getting sent home for isolation, so there's that, Christmas needs preparing for, with pressure to make this Christmas special to make up for the rubbish year (especially for me, because my son's birthday was the first day of the first lockdown and it sucked!) and it's all so stressful!! Here are ten ways to relax in just ten minutes. I'll be over here, under a blanket.
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