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The Ultimate Independent Small Business Gift Guide

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This gift guide is entirely unsponsored and features a combination of small, independent businesses that I have used myself and small independent businesses that have been recommended to me. I hope it provides a useful resource for anyone wanting to support small businesses and #BuyLocal. There are a number of reasons to choose independent businesses, including supporting the economy and helping to create a more diverse marketplace. It's also nice to buy from someone who is really going to get a warm feeling from someone using their service. There are no pictures, to keep it fair to all the businesses and because this took forever to produce and I really wanted to get it out before Christmas! 

Gifts for Children

Toy Shops

These Independent shops are all based in the UK selling eco-friendly, sustainable products.


Health and Education

Items to help children with their mental or physical health or general education. 

Think2Speak is a social enterprise enabling young children to be more confident. Their colouring book contains beautifully designed colouring, as well as mindfulness postcards to cut out and activities. For each one purchased, another is donated to a child in need. 

Maths and English Revision Cards, as well as a range of mental health and wellness cards, focusing on different areas, such as confidence, self-esteem and mindfulness. 

Ara and Obi 

A bedroom and bathroom linen brand for babies and toddlers specialising in bamboo bedding blankets and towels. Perfect for those with delicate, sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

A children’s meal plate featuring a built-in track for cars trains and other toys. 


Etsy Stocking Fillers - Adults and Children 


This lady is Canadian, so delivery takes a while, she sells a plethora of different jewellery and keyrings. I ordered the Couple’s Heart Epoxy Resin Keychain 


This shop sells jewellery. I bought a lovely Crocodile tie pin.  


Sells pretty and interesting stationery. I chose a paper clip shaped like a penguin, which can be used as a bookmark. 

She makes handmade scrunchies and face-coverings. I bought a colourful Christmas themed scrunchie. 


Produces iron-on patches and buttons. I bought a few small patches featuring dogs and an avocado. They are all well-made and really sweet 


She creates a wealth of unique personalised gifts, such as earrings, hug tokens and keyrings. I bought a hug token with a lovely message on it.  


Beautiful items upcycled by hand from waste fabric. I bought an earbud wrap and it arrived in the most beautiful packaging with a funny message.  


A wide selection of charms made from different materials. I chose a brass teddy bear charm.  

Prints and other items created from original artwork. I bought a tiny, quirky print for just 50p and they even threw in a free postcard!  



Gifts for Adults  


Eco-friendly Gifts and Charities



Flower seed blends for gardens or gifting.

Eco So Good

A wide range of environmentally friendly products, including gift sets, all made from natural materials such as bamboo. I bought a sisal soap saver bag from them and I love it. 

Loads of Love by Lou


Handmade, unique items including face-coverings and reusable makeup wipes. I bought some makeup wipes 18 months ago and they are still going strong with daily use! 

Bear and Bobbin 

Accessories such as headbands and yoga bags mainly out of recycled material. 

Miracle's Mission

A dog and cat rescue charity that offers you the chance to buy a dog or cat a Christmas dinner or toy. You receive a certificate, in the name of the person you are gifting it to, which can be downloaded and printed out, or you can receive a copy in the post. The proceeds from the sale go towards animals in need.


Alexis Dove 

Stunning handmade jewellery. 


Dudley and Roo 

Hand-stamped, personalised jewellery.


Jewellery Dreams 

Handmade fine crystal jewellery.

Art and Design


Less conventional greetings cards for girls, featuring empowering imagery and messages.

Chio Photography  

A photographer who sells prints of her work, mainly scenery.



An artist who creates a range of gifts from her original paintings.

Elodie Pictures

They produce custom-made bespoke films of your family, created from your collections of videos & photographs.

Health, Beauty and Clothing


handmade soaps - all with tags written on a vintage typewriter and topped off with one of those old school wax sealing stamps.

Handmade Scented Soy Candles.


A website representing a wealth of independent natural and organic skincare brands.

Solace Healing and Therapy

Jewellery and other items with a healing theme. 

Lots of Personality

A wide range of personalised items, such as clothing, keyrings and cuddly toys. 

Elba London 

Producers of front fastening bras, particularly useful for those with dexterity or mobility issues.

Snag Tights

Plus-size tights that actually fit, in a range of vibrant colours. Also, quality 'chub rub' shorts to prevent inner thigh chafing. I have purchased from this company and I think they are very reasonably priced and I love the tissue paper packaging. 

Food and Drink



Low sugar, high protein snack gift box.



Handmade healthier chocolate – They have the most beautiful photos of chocolate, you will want some!


Hot Tea Mama  

Christmas tea, or alcohol-free mulled wine, to put it another way.


Online bread-making classes. 

Summerton Whisky Club

A whisky club membership that helps distilleries and craft producers grow whilst discovering a wide range of incredible whiskies. 

Spice Kitchen 

A gift box introducing children to spices from different countries.

Fudgie Chunks

Welsh butter fudge, handmade and delivered anywhere within the UK .

Gift boxes  


A range of boxes. containing a selection of gifts that you can tailor to suit your requirements. 


A family-run Emporium selling beautifully-scented Wonderland-inspired products. Their products are really lovely. So much effort has gone into the packaging and production to continue the Wonderland theme. They produce fabulous giftboxes that you can fill with products from their range, which includes handmade bubble baths, room sprays and scented candles. I've bought a couple of their gift boxes and I'm a big fan. They also have a beautiful shop in Weston-super-Mare. 

Blurt It Out Buddy Box

A registered charity that provides support with mental health issues and produces a gift box containing at least 5 quality products hand-picked to nourish, inspire and encourage self-care. I received one when my best friend passed away and I can confirm, they are really well thought out and make a wonderful pick-me-up. 

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