Friday, 1 March 2019

Managing Long Term Chronic Pain - Course Notes Week 4

Title text over a faded out photo of a girl climbing on a wooden bar fence.Week 4 of The Pain Management course saw a few returners and a couple of absences, but I'm getting used to who everyone is, so it's much easier and more relaxed now. I was late, because the stupid bus didn't turn up, so I missed goal setting and recap from last week, which wasn't ideal, but everyone was welcoming and forgiving. I had previously warned them that the bus is hourly and not exactly reliable. Stagecoach, sort yourselves out! Anyway, this weeks theme was Sleep and, since I have a sleep disorder and already have a reputation for falling asleep in class, this should be interesting. 

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Half Term on a Budget with a Teen

Air balloon decorations above a shopping streetIt's becoming more of a challenge to find things to do with my son as he gets older, but it's also becoming more important. L is nearly thirteen and as such, he likes nothing more than to while away countless hours gaming or watching YouTube, as (he tells me) is perfectly normal at his age. As anyone who's got sucked into an angry thread on Facebook or hilarious parking videos on YouTube (that last one might be just me) it is too easy to sacrifice hours to the internet. So, I vowed to take decisive action this half term and do something appealing enough to drag a teen off the sofa every day, on a budget of under £50. For the whole week. That equates to just £10 per day and this is how we did it. 

Monday, 25 February 2019

Surviving a Cold, What Worked and What Didn't!

Head shot of lady with face obscured by large grey polo neck jumperBugs that arrive via our children, or air-conditioned virus-circulating offices, are always at their worst in winter. If I'm going to catch one, it is usually in that depressingly bleak lull between Christmas and Spring, when everything is particularly cold and miserable. This year's offering was especially unpleasant. Flu-maggedon hit our household like a ton of snot and I can genuinely say, it is the worst cold I've ever suffered. So, by way of explanation for my blogging absence and to help anyone else who gets it, here is a run down of how I survived the onslaught, what worked and where you can definitely save your hard-earned cash.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Tom Gates Live - Theatre Review Bristol Hippodrome

Animations from the Tom Gates series.
We are very lucky to be able to review the stage shows at the Bristol Hippodrome on a pretty regular basis and, having different aged children, we have seen a wide variety of shows over time. Nothing piqued my curiosity quite like Tom Gates Live on Stage, though. Having read the books to my son many times when he was younger, I couldn't help wondering how Liz Pichon's unique animation style would transfer to the stage. It turned out, however, the author herself was very much involved in the production and stamped her particular style all over it with gusto! This is our review of this brand new show from Birmingham Stage Company. Tickets were gifted in return for our thoughts on this production.

Friday, 25 January 2019

Getting Help with Home Adaptions for Disability

Title text over a faded out picture of a lady siting at a desk.
This is a difficult subject for a lot of people, as getting any kind of help with a problem flies in the face of the British 'stiff upper lip', 'make do and mend' philosophy. This means there is often a psychological barrier to getting help, as well as a physical one, when you don't know where to start or who to approach. In this post I hope to tackle both, looking at what aids and adaptations are available and who can help you get them, as well as dealing with the emotional side of taking the step to seeking and accepting help. If you are struggling at home, but are used to soldiering on, maybe it's time to think about some simple adaptations to make life easier. 


Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Managing Long Term Chronic Pain - Course Notes Week 3

Title text over a faded out photo of a girl climbing on a wooden bar fence.
This was my second attendance of the Pain Management course, which was week 3 of the 8 week programme. There were a few new members who I didn't recognise, because they had attended week 1 (which I didn't go to) and skipped week 2, which I did go to, but I guess a pain management course is going to be a bit hit and miss with attendance. It is advised to try to attend all parts of the course to get the most benefit, but it is a little bit flexible as going anywhere when you suffer from pain can be a struggle, particularly when it's a set time each week. This week's theme was Problem Solving.

Monday, 21 January 2019

Growing Old Gratefully - The Anti-Ageing Debate

A woman with long blond hair pictured from behind wearing a cream cardiganThere have been a few social media 'challenges' recently. The 10 Year Challenge, The Puberty Challenge and The Ageing Challenge. The first is fairly self-explanatory; you post a picture of yourself now and a picture of yourself ten years ago, to see how much you've changed. In the second, you post a photo of yourself now and one from your youth, to illustrate what puberty can do in terms of features, mood and fashion sense. The third is particularly brutal; you post your first ever social media pic, and your most recent, to see how much you've aged.  These are all variations on a theme and have been interpreted very differently by those taking part.
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