Sunday, 16 July 2017

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20 Ways to Encourage Children to be More Active

Two Children Walking through a Muddy Path
We all know how important it is to encourage our children to be active, and the summer sunshine makes it all the more obvious, but not all children appreciate it. This might be open to a bit of a 'nature versus nurture' debate, but, in my opinion, all children are different and this aspect is no exception. There are some children who would prefer to be indoors, probably, shock, horror, on their playstations. So, I've made a list of 20 ways to encourage your child to get outside and be more active. I've tried to include different age groups in this, as it does get harder as they get older, but some ideas will overlap anyway. 

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Spiderman: Homecoming - A Parent's Guide

Spiderman balanced on a small Eiffel Tower, floating in the sea. Another Marvel film has been released in UK cinemas, and many young children will be desperate to see their favourite hero in action. The reason for this is, of course, because Marvel characters are very much marketed at children, despite the films being  routinely given a 12A certificate. The CBBFC defines this as: Films suitable for children aged 12 and over. People younger than 12 may see a 12A so long as they are accompanied by an adult. Responsibility for allowing a child under 12 to view lies with the adult. Which means parents need to be sure their children can handle it and that the language and references are appropriate for them. So, I went to see Spiderman: Homecoming and this is my parent's guide to help you decide. 

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Can the Combover! Thoughts on Male Pattern Baldness

Balding man, taken from aboveThere has been much speculation about the authenticity of Mr Trump's barnet. Everything about it is wrong. The colour, the sculpted, undulating waves, the fact you never see an individual strand move, it's all a bit... unnatural. Experts seem to have concluded that it isn't a toupe, despite its resemblance to a well-groomed dead animal. The jury is still out on how he is doing it, and more importantly, why, but it got me thinking; why do a lot of men, especially celebrities, worry so much about their hair? It would be sexist not to expect them to care about their appearance, but some women find bald men sexy, so should they be concerned? 

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Dirty Dancing at The Bristol Hippodrome - Review

Classic scene from dirty dancing
When I first heard about the stage version of Dirty Dancing, I was really curious as to how they would handle some of the bigger scenes from the 1987 film. It might have been 30 years ago, but it's such a classic that I still watch it now and again, so was very aware that there would be some challenges for the production team. The stage show has enjoyed three successful West End seasons and is now midway through a nationwide tour, taking in no less than 16 UK towns and cities. So how does a dance-based film, with a large cast and many iconic scenes, filmed in some diverse locations, transfer to the stage? We received free tickets for our review, which will hopefully provide the answer.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Thoughts on Saying Goodbye

Balloons in the sky with a church behind
I went to put up a Sunday Photo today and realised that I hadn't posted since last Sunday, which seems impossible, but this week has gone in kind of a blur. So, I thought instead, I would write a bit about why I have been so unnaturally quiet this week and what's been happening in between. The reason for my absence hasn't been a happy one, but sometimes you just have to write what's in your heart and hope no one minds. I often, like now, right these introductions before I write the actual post, so I don't know how they are going to turn out. However, I do know that I am going to try to end it on a bit more of an upbeat note, so try to hang in there, if you can.
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