Thursday, 8 October 2015

Remembering Jack for National Poetry Day 2015

Family photo under a tree
I originally wrote this almost exactly three years ago, although it really doesn't seem that long. It was something I did to reach out to a friend during an incredibly difficult time. It was meant to let her know I was thinking of her and I cared, but it ended up doing so much more, but that's another story. It is the poem I will always be most proud of, because I wrote it from everything I was thinking at the time. I didn't edit or mess about with it, I just wrote it from the heart. It is the most genuine poem I've ever written. I hope you like it and forgive me this little indulgence.


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Win a Betty Crocker Baking Bundle

Great British Bake Off evokes different feelings in different people. For some, it creates feelings of inspiration and enthusiasm. Getting creative juices flowing all over the country. Spurring on even the least culinarily literate to get their bake on. However, for some, it is met with quiet defeatism at the very idea of attempting some of the elaborate creations. For those people, when even a Yorkshire Pudding would be a challenge, there is hope. To cheer you up, in the face of Paul Hollywood's raised eyebrow and Mary Berry's kind, but hopeless, encouragement, I bring you the best in faking it cake mixes! So easy and pain free and, as far as anyone has to know, you did it all yourself. Your secret is safe with us...

The Importance of Learning Digital Marketing for Bloggers

Coke Can in Water
There are many different reasons why people blog. Many do it to share a passion, or as an outlet for their thoughts and ideas. I meet so many people who began blogging for a variety of reasons but are now finding they can make money from it. I don't think, as a blogger, making money should ever be your primary objective. If you can make money from it, brilliant, but I believe, it's much harder to keep readers interested when you don't have an 'organic' base for your blog.


Saturday, 3 October 2015

Surprisingly Easy Beef Wellington

Beef WellingtonIt's Buy British Day today, so how about a British classic, Beef Wellington? When I did my coupon shop recently, I bought a Tesco meal deal, which included a small beef joint. It wasn't really big enough for the whole family, so I had to get creative to make it stretch. I had a look around for a Beef Wellington recipe and found they varied in difficulty from a bit complicated, to 'degree in catering required'. As I'm quite lazy, I simplified the recipe as best I could, and it was still really, really nice. Here it is, for any other lazy, cheaty 'chefs' who fancy giving it a try!


Friday, 2 October 2015

Win a Family Health Bundle of Multivitamins with MultiVits!

It can be really tricky to encourage children to eat well. As you will see from my post about Fussy Eating this is something I have first hand experience of. Particularly as children get older, we have less control over what goes into them. Firstly, they develop their own opinions about what they do and don't like, then they start eating at their friends' houses, and maybe even using their pocket money to make their own food choices.
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