Monday, 25 March 2019

What to Buy a Teenage Boy Gift Guide

Boy looking thrilled with a pile of birthday giftsThis gift guide is entirely unsponsored and made up of all my own ideas, which I paid for myself. Not that I have anything against sponsored posts, they are a great way to discover new products and I wouldn't say I liked something if I didn't, but I feel I should get all the credit for nailing a teenager's birthday with absolutely no help, because it really isn't easy. This is by far the hardest birthday I've had to buy for so far. He gave me a list of four video games, two of which hadn't even been released yet, and that was it. I always think the trick with birthdays is to get some things they want and some things they didn't know they wanted. Here's what I bought.

I have included links to all the products on Amazon in the titles of each section. If you buy anything after following any of the links (even if it's a different product) I receive a really small commission, which is much appreciated, but not essential. It's also an easy way to view all the products I've included in this list. 

Stretch Sonic

In the box, this looks similar to a Pop figure or Totaku, but with an element of originality. I thought it would be perfect for a gaming figure collector. The only problem is, as it's a 'collectable' he won't take it out of the box! It does look good on his shelf with his other gaming merch, though, and he loves it.

Nintendo Switch Wheels

If you happen to own a Nintendo Switch, I think this particular accessory is pretty good value for money, especially as you get two in the box. It's a very simple design, the joy-con sits in the centre of the wheel, allowing access to the necessary buttons, creating the perfect steering wheel, to give a sense of realism to racing games such as MarioKart. It's also not too big, like some of the steering wheels I've seen for other games consoles, so it's great for little hands. You can win a pair of wheels in our Nintendo Switch Wheels Competition, which runs until midnight on March 31st.

Teenager sitting next to a pile of birthday presents

Chocolate Roulette

This is a fun game anyway, but it's particularly appropriate for teenagers who are starting to make their own YouTube videos. He hasn't tried the game yet, but the idea is very simple, you take it in turns to eat a chocolate bullet, until one of you hits upon the one that's been filled with hot chilli. I thought it would make a really good YouTube video, similar to the BeanBoozle challenge. If you need it quickly, you can buy it from Amazon, but for a slightly longer delivery time, it's considerably cheaper from Pound Toy, at just £2.

PoundToy Unboxing Box

Talking of PoundToy, this online shop is a fairly new discovery of mine and I wish I'd found it years ago. When I first heard about it, I thought it was going to be pound shop-style tat, but the emphasis is more on brand-names and quality at a reduced price. It's also really surprising that they stock toys and games for older children too. As well as the chocolate roulette game, I found a host of small, inexpensive bits that would make good YouTube props or are just a bit of fun, such as an inflatable hammer, a balloon helicopter and chicken catapults. There were also some amazing sensory toys, which would be great for children with anxiety or possibly those on the autism spectrum. Our favourite was this Squishy Mesh Ball, which produces lovely, tactile squishy bubbles when you squeeze it, along with a really satisfying squelchy noise!

Super Mario Cake

I make quite a lot of the cakes for the family, I even made the decorations for L's cake last year, despite having just returned from Lapland the same day, but sometimes it's just not the best idea. Like this year, when we've all had flu, I'm massively behind with everything, there are people coming over, etc, etc, so I decided to enlist the help of a very talented friend, who is a whizz at making cakes. I think 13 is a bit of a landmark, so I wanted to make it special. I knew he wanted a SuperMario theme, so I gave her the brief and all I had to do was wait. I was not disappointed. She even delivered it, on his birthday, which was great, because he could thank her properly. A cake of a similar size and detail costs about £65.

A cake with MarioKart decorations and a Super Mario figure, made of icing, seated on top in a car.

Nerf Guns

You can never go wrong with a Nerf gun. L has had several over the years and he loves shooting inanimate objects, as well as his friends. That's the thing about Nerf guns, they don't actually require a team of like-minded pals, you can set up a rifle range easily with a few tin cans or small drink bottles. This year, I opted for the Nerf Doomlands Persuader, which comes with two guns, for when they do want to play with a friend or sibling. Obviously, the guns are exactly the same, so there can be no arguments about who has the better gun. It might be worth shopping around for these, as I found them reduced to clear in a supermarket ages ago, for about £7.50, but I've added the Amazon link, in case you're in a hurry!

Spyro Loot Crate

This won't suit everyone, but for a committed gamer, it represents really great value. I bought it on a whim from Amazon and wasn't expecting an awful lot for my money, but I was really surprised to find the quality as good, if not better, than items I'd seen for sale individually on the high street. The items included are really well made and would cost a lot more if purchased separately. L is a big Spyro fan and absolutely loved everything in the box. He is a big fan of anything that is limited edition, so that was a big plus point too. 

I really hope this helps you buy for your teen. It would seem men are almost impossible to buy for, even the small ones!



  1. That Mario Cake is amazing! I would have LOVED something like that as a kid as I was nintendo mad!

  2. Teenage boys are so hard to buy for. I always struggle with my teenage nephew.
    The Mario cake is fab and the Spyro Loot Crate is such a great idea x

  3. Really useful! Love the Mario cake too.

  4. It was an absolute pleasure to make this for Luke, and it was so lovely to see his surprised face when I delivered it. Thanks Lucy, see you soon xx

  5. That mario cake is EPIC!! My kids love the Nintendo Switch!

  6. The Super Mario cake looks amazing! Aunt Sally’s cakes are very talented! Great gift guide x

  7. Great gift ideas for teenagers here. They are all nice.

  8. So many fab ideas on what to buy. I am loving that marvellous super mario cake - yummy xx

  9. My nephews are on the brink of being teenagers and yes, it's hard to know what to get them so I usually fall back on money but I'd prefer to buy them something, especially if I can get a BOGOF deal!
    You've just reminded me though, that I need to dash out to buy a card and post it quick!


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