Thursday, 14 June 2018

Free Printable Fun Bathroom Reminder Signs

Free Printable Bathroom Reminders, featuring graphics of a toilet and a male and female
We all know that potty training can be a tricky time, with some children taking to it straight away and others needing a lot more encouragement. However long it takes, there is definitely a sense of euphoria that this potentially messy milestone has been nailed successfully. However, often it doesn't end there and phase two is encouraging children to use the toilet correctly, and hygienically. These fun, printable bathroom signs, offer a timely reminder to everyone, with simple rules we all need to follow, presented in a light-hearted way. As we all know, it's not only children who need an occasional nudge in this department!

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As with my previous post  Encouraging Children to be Tidier, starting early is key, but whether you are encouraging a reluctant child, or educating an errant adult, it isn't an easy task. I've created these free, printable bathroom signs, to drop a fun and timely hint and keep them (let's face it, it's mainly boys) on the right track. Below each sign, you will find a clickable Dropbox link, which will allow you to easily print your chosen option. 

Target with the text 'The bathroom's clean, we aim to please, now it's your turn - aim too, please!

A graphic of a toilet surrounded by flowers, with the words 'Even when you're in a rush, don't forget to use the flush'

A toilet on a stage, surrounded by lights and sparkles, with the words 'Please remain seated for the whole of the show, then wash your hands before you go.

Other ways to encourage little ones with their aim, is to use Toilet Target Stickers, to give them something to aim at. Or you can even drop a ping pong ball in the bowl, to make it into a fun challenge! However you approach it, it's definitely something worth working on, for hygiene reasons and to make for less annoying adults! 


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