Thursday, 24 May 2018

The Psychology Behind Product Placement

We all know that advertising is designed and made to encourage us to buy things and spend money. However, what we may not realise is just how often we are influenced and the different approaches that product advertising can take. One of the most subliminal ways that companies try to advertise and then sell their products is with product placement. This is when products are placed within a film, music video or TV programme, offering a promotion to the product to anyone who watches it. But does this actually work when it comes to influencing our purchasing decisions? The product is seen in a natural environment or in use.

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Of course, the idea of product placement is that is a set up use of a product that is designed to make us want to buy it. However, we will probably never realise that. We will simply see the product being used on the screen and we will see it as entirely natural. Just like we are seeing it with our own eyes or it is a friend who is using it. This simple process can help us to see the product being used, and when we have seen it with our own eyes, we are much more likely to want to buy it and use it for ourselves. It makes you think of the product in a luxurious way and makes you want to own it. Whilst many of us wouldn’t care to admit it, we do aspire to have a small slice of the luxurious lifestyle that those celebrities enjoy. So, when we see a singer, actor or TV star using a certain product, one that we can actually buy and own ourselves, then our brains tell us that we have to go out and buy it.

Of course, this could be something as small as a drink, or a much larger purchase such as a car. The idea still remains the same, although the take up rate of people making the purchase would be smaller for those larger, more expensive purchases. We don’t feel pressurised. How many times have you had someone try to give you a hard sell for something? If they have, then there is a good chance that you won’t have reacted very well to it. As people, we don’t really like being told what to buy, instead we react better to subconscious, subtle and discreet marketing approaches.

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This is where product placement really comes into its own. When we see something on the screen, our minds tell us that we are going to want to buy it, however, we don’t even realise that this is happening. That is just how subliminal it is. We don’t feel pressured into buying it, we just know that we want to have one. Which means that we feel that we have made the purchasing decision, rather than being cornered into it by a “hard sell”. It receives our undivided attention. Turning off to avoid an advert is something that many of us do. Which can be a huge problem for advertisers. However, with product placement, there is no turning off, else you could miss something important. A product that is placed is going to receive our undivided attention, whether we like it or not, which is exactly what the advertisers want and the reason why so many of them make it their preferred approach when it comes to promoting their latest offerings.

It is no secret that product placement has benefits to the movie, TV or video director as it helps with funding and of course it helps with sales. But what we may not realise about this marketing tool is quite why or how well it works on us as people. The truth is, that it just does and even if we are aware of this, there is a good chance that this isn’t going to change in the near future. After all, who can resist picking up that brand new laptop that we have seen advertised on a movie, our favourite TV show or perhaps even on a music video? Enjoyed reading through this particular article about the power of psychology? Learn more by taking an online psychology course. These are designed not only to provide you everything that you need to master this particular subject, but also ensure that you learn whilst you continue with your own life including taking care of your family and concentrating on your career too.

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