Monday, 7 August 2017

Making Informed Lottery Choices Just got Easier with Lottoland

Pile of money, with title overlaid. Like most people, I have played the lottery in this country since it opened in 1997 and dreamed of a big win ever since. It soon became apparent though, that lottery players in other countries were getting a much better deal. In the dark ages; BG (before Google), it wasn't as easy to find out what was happening in other countries, but sometimes news of huge lottery wins would come through from the U.S. where they would roll over seemingly indefinitely until someone picked the right combination, resulting in piles of dollars that couldn't even be imagined. I also found out that the Irish Lotto, at the time, had way better odds than the British Lottery and my much younger, more self-assured, self was not happy about this. 

In Collaboration with Lottoland

So I made it my business to do something about it and learned a thing or two along the way. It turned out that, in the absence of the internet, you could enter the Irish Lotto through a high street betting shop and the first thing I learned, was that young ladies don't walk into betting shops very often. I know this, because I confidently sauntered in, as you do as a teenager, quickly realising that this was not the done thing, as every hairy-arsed, balded headed male in the place turned to stare. The look on their faces suggested they may never have actually seen a girl before, but certainly not in their giant man-cave of a building. I'm not sure if this is still the case, but in those days the windows were blacked out, so you couldn't see in, and it had always given the place a kind of exotic air, wondering what went on inside. However, it's a bit like the boys changing rooms at school, you may often have wondered what mysteries were concealed within, but, should you ever have got up the nerve to venture fourth into the unknown, it wasn't likely to be something you would remember for the right reasons. In a similar vein; smelling of alcohol, smoke and testosterone, and inexplicably sticky, I did not look forward to placing my bets each week and I eventually gave up my pursuit of better odds. 

Thankfully, along came the internet, and a website that not only allows you to place bets on the outcome of lotteries all over the world, but also gives you the odds of all the different draws, so you can make an informed choice, allowing you to make the most of your stake. Lottoland is a site where you don't bet on the actual lotto of your choice, but on the outcome, and winnings are paid out by Lottoland, not the lottery promoters themselves. This offers additional advantages, such as the opportunity to benefit from offers, such as free bets and Double Jackpot, as well as a guaranteed million pound minimum from any jackpot win. Smaller prizes are paid from revenue accrued and the jackpot prizes come from Lottoland's insurance model, ensuring that huge jackpots can be matched from lottery operators all over the world. The best bit for me, is that you can get involved in any lottery you choose, from many different countries, without having to leave your sofa. A vast improvement on the alternative from our pre-internet days, I think. The infamous U.S. powerball draw, which is the one with the crazy-high jackpots, once topping $1 billion, is available to bet on, as is the Irish lotto, amongst many others, and you can compare odds, or jackpot size, depending on your preference. You can even set up an alert, so that you only play when the jackpot reaches a certain amount. Lotto playing just got easier and you can even get your first bet free, to get you started. Bonus. 

Pile of British twenty pound notes, used and crumpled.


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