Sunday, 11 December 2016

Christmas Shopping at B&M Stores Saves a Fortune!

Penguin microwave warmer with title textFirstly, I would like to say, this post is entirely unsponsored. I wouldn't normally say that, as I would tell you if it was, but I want to make it clear that I'm writing this because I am really impressed with the quality and prices at B&M Stores and have saved so much money, that I wanted to share my bargains with you. Let's face it, there are tough times for a lot of people these days, and most of us could do with saving a few pounds this Christmas. The beauty of B&M is that these aren't cheap products at cheap prices, these are quality, brand-name products at cheap prices and there is no way anyone would know their Christmas gift came at a substantial discount. Except my family, if they read this. Ahem. 

There are a huge selection of gift items available, for every type of person you can think of to buy for this Christmas but, in this post, I am concentrating mainly on the girlier gifts, because I am keeping the man ones for my Man Gift Guide, which is coming up this week. My first huge bargain was this lovely perfume gift set, by Alex Gerrard. It's not only beautifully presented, containing everything you could need to smell great for a night out, it also has a wonderfully fresh, floral scent that belies the tiny price tag of just £6.99. The RRP is £29.99 and any lover of perfumes, or even footballers' wives, would be thrilled with it.

Alex Gerrard Perfume Set

I'm a sucker for a hot chocolate gift set. I am always buying them for people, because it feels like I'm giving the gift of comfort and decadence, as well as mugs and marshmallows. I like them even more though, when they cost just £2.99. That's less than a hot chocolate in a lot of coffee shops and you've got a mug and tiny whisk for life! 

Hot chocolate mug sets in display boxes

From one winter warmer to another, these fabulous microwavable heat packs are just adorable. They are so cute and I love the totally different styles. If you need a gift for someone who isn't keen on fluff, the felt that embellishes the owl would be much more appealing, as would the more neutral colourway. I actually thought the owl might even be suitable for a man, since they get aches and pains too! I was astounded at the price of them, I saw an owl that was remarkably similar in a supermarket for £8.99, and I thought that was pretty reasonable! 

Penguin and Owl Microwave Heat Packs

Gift set with wine, glass, and chocolatesLast but not least, this girls' night out gift set is perfect to open as soon as you get home from your Christmas shopping, but would also make an ideal gift for a Secret Santa or a female friend. Containing a good size wine glass, wine and Thorntons chocs, it would be wise to give it to someone who likes to share! They don't need to know you only spent £3.49! If you live locally to me, here in Bristol, the best B&M Store can be found right here, at Abbeywood. I've often found with discount stores, the staff can be a bit flat and the atmosphere leaves a lot to be desired. Whenever I have been in this shop, though, the staff have always been lovely and more than happy to help. They've carried stuff to my car, reached things my short arms can't, and found extra stock for me, when I've set my heart on something (probably fluffy) that wasn't on the shelf. They are always smiley and chatty and I think a lot of other discount stores could learn from their example. This might be a discount store, but once inside, you could just as easily be in a high end retailer. 


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  1. Wine and a glass and chocs. And a great price. Thankyou for sharing the bargains. Just wish we had a store near to us. 🤔 merry Christmas


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